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    "Over the past few weeks, concerns about COVID-19 have been growing and changing rapidly in Canada. From day one, we have looked at this through the perspective of how it will affect first responders, medical workers and medical staff Health risks.
    At present, N95 masks are in short supply worldwide. It is reported that since the outbreak of SARS in 2002, Ontario has hoarded 55 million masks, but now it has expired. This requires a question "Can I still use an expired N95 mask?"
    Can you use expired N95 masks?
    In February this year, 3M, a manufacturer of gas masks, released a technical report called "Notes on Gas Masks Beyond the Shelf Life", which provided some insights.
    This technical report introduces readers to the guidelines issued by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) "Strategy for Optimizing the Supply of N95 Respiratory Masks ."
    "In the case of increased demand and reduced supply, you can consider using N95 respirators that exceed the expected shelf life. However, the respirator may not meet the certification requirements. Over time, parts such as straps and materials may deteriorate, which affects The quality of the fit and seal. Before using the N95 respirator, HCP (medical professional) should check the respirator and perform a seal check. In addition, expired respirator may no longer meet the certification requirements of NIOSH Wholesale Surgical Mask.
    Levitt-Safety conducted random fit tests using expired masks from different brands. According to our experience, these masks still passed the health test, indicating that the tested masks can still be used normally.
    It should be noted that we tested expired masks within a limited sample size. This does not necessarily mean that all expired masks are valid. We recommend that customers test themselves before issuing any expired masks.
    Before using expired N95 respirators, you should try purchasing other niosh approved respirators, including:
    Various types of filter masks
    Respirator or
    Powdered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR)
    This follows the best practices in "Optimizing N95 Respirator Supply Strategy".
    The Center for Disease Control and Prevention made this recommendation because health care services are indispensable and services must continue to be provided in the face of the 19th polio outbreak.
    Any organization that chooses to use the expired N95 mask should notify the staff before use. The organization should also emphasize again the importance of inspection and user seal inspection.
    In short, if you decide to use an expired N95 protective mask, you must understand:
    They are not respirator approved by niosh.
    You should ensure that they are stored according to the manufacturer's specifications.
    They must be properly checked, including headband and nose parts
    They should be your last choice after the N95s, flexible APR and PAPR "
    "Why can't the respirator meet the requirements?"
    The longer the shelf life of the respirator, the less likely it is to achieve the desired effect.
    Once the shelf life has passed, not only will the filter be affected, but also key components for effective sealing such as hair bands will lose their elasticity and / or become fragile and broken, or the nose foam will harden, preventing effective sealing.
    It also needs to be considered from a health and safety compliance perspective. Once expired, even if the mask is "valid", it has lost N95 certification. This means that even if the mask works, if it is used in an environment above the danger threshold, the user may not technically meet the requirements. If it is below the threshold limit, compliance is not a legal issue because the mask is used as a barrier.
    Can you use expired N95 masks for training?
    According to the 3Ms bulletin, training activities are a good place to use respirators that have exceeded their shelf life. During the training period, the wearer must receive correct training in wearing techniques, including:
    The position of the headscarf
    Nose clip,
    Perform user seal inspection.
    If your organization uses expired respirators of the same model as your employees, we recommend that you use these respirators for training. In this way, you can save unexpired respirator for protection.
    Is it possible to use expired N95 protective masks for health testing?
    You can use an expired respirator for proper testing in certain situations. Your organization needs to consider the following factors to determine whether it is appropriate:
    Depending on the storage conditions on the packaging, use a respirator for proper testing.
    Before performing a suitable test, visually inspect the respirator to confirm that it is not damaged or defective. This includes hair bands, nose clips, nose foam and shells.
    Consider the time between the mask expiration date and the test date. The shorter the interval between the two dates, the more reasonable-you do n’t want the interval to exceed one year.
    If your health test pass rate for these respirators is lower than expected, please pay close attention. If this happens, you will consider discontinuing them.
    How to store disposable masks:
    In their article "Why do disposable masks have a definite shelf life?" 3M explained how to store disposable masks because "storage conditions are a key factor in determining the shelf life of masks."
    They suggest:
    Always keep the respirator in its original packaging.
    Keep the respirator away from contaminated areas, dust, sunlight, extreme temperatures, excessive humidity, and harmful chemicals.
    Implement good inventory management measures, including inventory rotation.
    In that article, 3M also provided suggestions for replenishing your inventory and handling expired masks. "

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    Thema von goodwood20 im Forum HTML

    Immediately the surrounding one acclaim shouts a voice, a clansmen all excitement very, the history of Teng surname one clan is rewrited, the year is only 6 years old, can raise 100 catties of stone locks.Be rated as dint big everlasting!Is 6 years old so, that be this kid grows up an adult of time, and then attain what extent?
    Raise a stone lock, the Teng green mountain legs didn't the slightest shiver, the double arm more and powerfully held.
    "This, not just the extreme limit of green mountain."Teng cloud Long Deng's many public in not from one Zhan.
    Attain extreme limit, should double arm, legs all involuntarily the tremor is just right.
    The stone lock crashes and bombs however falls on the ground.Teng green mountain this just takes back hands and smiles to turn round and sees toward own parents.
    "Any elder brother, Zai son in your house is severe."
    " The orchid, green mountain in your house, be really ……later affirmation than your man still severe."
    A group of man the womens all round Teng always any, Yuan orchid, and Teng always any, the Yuan orchid is 2 husband and wife, by this time also smiling all over, excitedly get red in the face.There is such son, does the man reply He Qiu?The Teng always takes concussion in any eyes, proud of, looking at the center stands of Teng green mountain.
    "Ha ha …… my good daughter's grandson, ha ha ……" Teng cloud dragon excitedly a start to embrace a Teng green mountain, "I Teng cloud dragon arrived old age and also had you so fantastic daughter's grandson, ha ha, dead but have no Han, ha ha ……"
    Teng cloud concussion dragon is very.
    Own super strong force, will all is subjected to a benefit for it the whole a clan.
    "Green mountain."Surroundings many familiar persons, such as uncles and Shen Niang...etc. all round to come over, an all the Kua is great, spoil Ni ground to touch the Teng green mountain cerebellum bag.
    Today according to the truth, these 6-year-old kids are adult's gifts that is more focused attention by person after finishing testing.However because Teng green mountain of horizontal vacate a life time, it disgrace a lot adult's gift in evening, now then and late, Teng always any, Yuan orchid the husband and wife also become the person of the whole Teng surname one most dazzling clan.
    Almost the owners all round this husband and wife, because Teng green mountain early lend'trap too much', go home.
    Teng green mountain home.
    "Elder brother, you are very fierce."Younger sister green rain at the hall is inside the house, excitedly leap to jump, " so heavy rock, elder brother what you shouted raised all of a sudden to come."
    100 catties of stone locks, the physical volume isn't big.Certainly to year the only 3-year-old little girl but speech really was a very big rock.
    The Teng green mountain sees a form, not from present smiling face.
    "Reveal a little real strenght today, seem a greatly good matter."The dark way in the Teng green mountain heart, previous incarnation of time, because experiencing is too dark, it causes Teng green mountain's can'ting easily reveal real strenght, be in the cutthroat organization'red'in the organization, the Teng green mountains all hide a skill.
    Because hide a skill, make him once escape dead to rob for many times.
    But at present, Teng green mountain although the year is only 6 years old.
    But from the 3-year-old beginning, arrive at present three years of bitterness to fix, especially inside strength don't account to the wholely enhance body physique, although the year is only 6 years old, but list talk about physique, compare the cousin in 9-year-old time'Teng green tiger'all want to be strong ascend a raise.The Teng green tiger can raise 300 catties at the age of 9.
    Teng green mountain now, list depend muscle strength, raise 300 catties of light loose.
    This still doesn't use inside the circumstance of strength, after all kid of inside the strength and the adult of inside the strength didn't distinguish, all is inside strength!Once using inside the strength, the Teng green mountain will break out the real strenght of a fearfulness.
    "H'm?"Teng green mountain the ear is inching a move.
    The Zhi that is close behind to hear a hospital door ah a , sees Teng always any and Yuan orchid 2 husband and wife walked to come in, Teng any always by this time has his face raddens all over, the whole individual walks to all have some to sway the long, from afar, the Teng green mountain smelt that very thick wine spirit:"The wine in the clan, the alcohol degree wants to be more social than modern of a lot of low, the father wants to drink how much wine, just inebriate so!

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