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One sports fan is going viral for one very unique food habit — dipping chicken tenders in soda. Instagram user “slickenfingers” is the progenitor of a chicken soda craze Atlanta Falcons T-Shirt , that is absolutely not sweeping the nation. Now she’s made a point out of dipping her chicken fingers in soda at a variety of sporting events. The Knicks game on Tuesday is perhaps the best-known, with the internet widely condemning the act, horrified that someone would commit what they view as a food atrocity, but slickenfingers is committed to her love. She also dipped her fingers in soda at the U.S. Open.I’m never going to be one to yuck someone’s yum. Chase your bliss. Follow your dreams. Dip your chicken in whatever liquids you deem delicious — but I also had to know more about the person who does this as their calling. I talked to Alexa, I had to know more about slickenfingers’ quest to spread the gospel of chicken and soda.SB Nation: How did you get the idea to dip chicken fingers in soda?Slickenfingers: My dad had me do it when I was young to cool them off, and then I started to like it.How many chicken fingers have you dipped in soda at this point?Wow what a question. Too many? [laughs] Certainly in the hundreds. Who has the best fingers, who has the worst?The ones at Yankee stadium are honestly incredible. They hold the title for now..I’m looking forward to try more at stadiums around the country (hint hint: invite me) They are just so crispy and the breading is delish. The ones at MetLife stadium are inedible. They are spongey and taste like cardboard.If you had to go the rest of your life without either chicken fingers or soda Atlanta Falcons Hats , which do you choose?I could do without the soda. I don’t even drink it I just use it for the dip [laughs]. But I’m a chicken finger girl for life.What do you think makes dipping chicken fingers in soda resonate with people? I think there are a lot of people that have weird eating habits so they understand me. I have heard so many bizarre combos since this whole thing started. Like chocolate syrup in scrambled eggs, sausage in Special K. So strange, we’re all a bunch of weirdos.Where’s the one place you’ve been wanting to dip fingers in soda in, but haven’t? I’ve never done it outside of the US I think mainly because I was embarrassed. I’d love to do the dip in Australia I seem to have some fans down there haha.I’m sure you get asked this a lot, but would you rather fight 100 chickens with human hands and fingers, or 100 large sodas with chicken beaks and legs? Yes that’s the common question I receive actually. I’d rather fight the sodas because even fighting one chicken sounds traumatizing and sends shivers down my spine.Who’s the most famous person to react to your chicken finger and soda capers?John Mayer commented on the video.. but I’m sure there are others that are discussing it Any other fun food dipping habits?I love Kinder chocolate and bring it everywhere and stick it in random things like bread and pancakes. One time I tried it on crispy rice lol. What’s next for slickenfingers? There is SO MUCH next for slickenfingers! This is just the very beginning - I highly advise everyone to stay tuned. I’m starting with my cola flavored dipping sauce that I’m coming out with in December! You can continue to monitor slickenfingers’ journey through life, chicken and soda on her Instagram page.Falcons vs. Panthers: Who was the offensive player of the game? Unlike last week’s debacle Atlanta Falcons Womens Hoodie , the Falcons offense gave us a highly encouraging performance with several quality names to list as our offensive player of the game. Here are those names and why you may consider voting for each.Matt RyanRed zone issues? What red zone issues? A week after looking pretty awful, the Falcons QB bounced back in impressive fashion, finishing 23/28 for 272 yards, 2 TDs and 2 rushing TDs while improving their red zone performance in dramatic fashion. He was on target on nearly every pass - minus a couple of deep shots - and looked far more comfortable spreading the ball around to multiple targets.Tevin ColemanTevin was the first running back to rush for over 100 yards on the Panthers defense in 22 games. Any concerns about a fall-off by having Devonta Freeman out should be calmed a little, as Coleman showed he’s more than capable of carrying the load while his backfield partner recovers. His 16 carries for 107 yards averaged out to a very impressive 6.7 yards per carry. More of that, please.Calvin RidleyThe rookie first round pick finally showed up and in a big way. He reeled in 4 catches for 64 yards and his first ever NFL touchdown. His speed and route running were on display, as he absolutely embarrassed the Carolina DB on his slant route for his TD pass. If he continues to play like this Julio Jones Jersey Limited , it won’t be long before he cracks the 100 yard barrier in a game.Steve SarkisianLet’s give him credit for one of the best games he’s called in his brief NFL career. The Panthers defense looked off-balance for most of the game and his game plan gave Ryan a relatively clean pocket all day long. The run/pass mix was excellent and quite a few plays were well designed and executed to perfection. Let’s hope he continues to build on this performance.Wes SchweitzerOne last name that many probably didn’t think about, but for good reason. Schweitzer had to step in early for an injured Andy Levitre and he was mostly ... invisible. That’s to say, Wes took over for most of the game and did not stand out. This was going against an impressive interior duo of Kawaan Short and Dontari Poe, so it wasn’t like he had a cupcake assignment out there. Kudos to Schweitzer for stepping in and doing his job.Let us know who you think was the offensive player of the game below.

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