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29.12.2018 03:23
Los Angeles Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs Open Thread Antworten

The Los Angeles Chargers kick off the 2018 season at home taking on division rival Kansas City Chiefs. Last year’s AFC West division champion is currently riding an 8-game winning streak against Philip Rivers and co. This is a new year and new teams on both sides Los Angeles Chargers Hoodie , however.The Chargers have finally constructed an offensive line that can be expected to both protect Rivers and open up holes in the running game. The defense while missing Joey Bosa has received an infusion of athleticism in the form of Kyzir White and Derwin James. And on the other side of the field, the Chiefs no longer have their veteran signal caller Alex Smith and are instead starting Patrick Mahomes who will be playing in just his second NFL game. The Chiefs also traded away their star cornerback Marcus Peters in a deal that left them weaker this year.Still, Andy Reid is one of the more innovative coaches in the league and he has had the whole offseason to come up with new wrinkles that have not yet been committed to tape, so the Chargers will have their hands full today. Hopefully, we will get a different result from the last four years.Go Chargers!Poll: What is your favorite nickname for the Chargers defense? Alright, Bolts fans! Welcome, welcome.. make yourself at home!We are here to day to support each other, and Customized Los Angeles Chargers Jerseys , perhaps, take the first steps toward acceptance. I’ll go first. “I am a Bolt Fan, and I still falsely believe that I can affect this team’s fate, for better or for worse.”No.. NO!I won’t believe that!I can’t!We are fans, and as delusional as it can be, we have to believe that we can change things!If we see a problem with the pass rush, we have a responsibility, a God-given RIGHT to shout to the stars and in the hopes that a coach , executive, or well-meaning alien will respo———Hi guys, it’s me. I’m Jason. I hope you’ll forgive my prior outburst. I have these occasional moments of relapse, and I apologize. The nice men in sun visors have helped me see the errors of my ways. OKAY, now, as a purely fanciful exercise, we were discussing the history of sports nicknames. If you didn’t catch that informative essay, feel free to check the link below:CLICK HERE to see the articleIf you didn’t check out the previous post Los Angeles Chargers T-Shirt , go there to learn a little bit about the history of sports nicknames.You’ll even learn about an awesome gladiator!After this post, which tongue-in-cheek implies that fans could possibly affect the future of a franchise through numbers and polls, several other members of our community also chimed in with their suggestions for names for the Chargers’ defensive unit.As a gesture merely meant for informative fun, assuming that your opinion had merit or weight.. which nickname would you prefer for this coming season’s defense?

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