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06.03.2019 02:32
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This is so brazenly not the style of someone who is frequently referenced as ‘‘having gone to Harvard’’ but damn , it actually suits him and he deserves it. I’m buying the FItzMagic for one more week and actually started him over Matthew Stafford in the BRB fantasy league this week. I’m committed to the magic this man evokes with his every fling of the football. It’s not like this Tampa Bay offense isn’t moving along at a ridiculous pace with a armada of weapons to throw to, such as big, tall tree Mike Evans, human deep threat DeSean Jackson, and two exciting, young players in receiver Chris Godwin and O.J. Howard.On the other side of the aisle, the Steelers are still without star running back Le’Veon Bell as he remains in a holdout with Pittsburgh management over his contract.The Steelers somehow also had to deal with rumors about Antonio Brown getting traded last week because a former Steelers staffer called Brown overrated on Twitter. Isn’t life grand?However we got here, this is your open thread for Monday Night Football. Enjoy! I’m from San Antonio. I’ve left the city of San Antonio four separate time and my previous homes are scattered like ashes across the country D.J. Reader Jersey , and yet, somehow, I found myself back in San Antonio. Growing up, I never liked the Cowboys. I hated them because Dave Campo’s FUPA was always on television and even when they were 5-9, I was stuck watching them instead of the St. Louis Rams.The team was ubiquitous despite being terrible, and they still are, except now they’re just a mediocre football team. So I wandered around, falling in love with different teams Authentic Christian Covington Jersey , until this stupid team from Houston came around, and now here I am, hanging out with friends that I met online and writing words I will one day turn into other words. I don’t hate the Cowboys anymore. I don’t really hate much of anything, aside from the Golden State Warriors and Bill O’Brien’s playcalling. I find the city of Dallas to have putrescent, oozing sores like any major city in Texas.Dallas is superficial.The people are very rude.They tear everything down.The city has no feeling.Houston is a humid swamp that has never made any sense to me.Austin is a bunch of people trying to out-cool one another while nobody really enjoys anything at all.San Antonio is fine but boring and can be like living in a mid-90s Green Day song. The best parts of Texas are outside these four major populated sprawls. Yet we have to eat, pay off our student debt, and we like our families, so we stay in these areas. Now Youth Tyrann Mathieu Jersey , I understand hating the Cowboys. They’re easy to hate. I spent my childhood and youth laughing at Tony Romo’s PAT attempt, Eli Manning pissing in Terrell Owens’s popcorn, and Roy Williams getting torched deep. But what I don’t understand is this cackling disdain between the cities of Houston and Dallas. Vitriol I read online and hear whenever I make that trip up I-35. For this week’s groupthink, I asked those who do hate Dallas why they hate the Cowboys and the city of Dallas so much. Rivers McCown:bigfatdrunk:TGC:Diehard “The Only Thing I Love About Texas Is Joey Gallo Bombs” Chris:Capt Ron:

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