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One of the best solutions to this problem is to teach the pup about bite inhibition or the ability of a dog to control the force of his biting. This can be done through puppy socialization and play-fighting. A pup that is properly socialized will be able to learn to control the force of his biting based on the reactions displayed by his playmates. Human reaction can also be used in training a puppy about bite inhibition. This can be done by yelping and acting like you are terribly hurt everytime he bites. This aims to make him realize that he is too rough and must be gentle next time.

While you are trying to make your puppy understand that biting hurts and that he must not continue doing, you should not play tug of war, wrestling, chase or other type of games that can encourage biting and nipping. Physical punishment will not alleviate the problem as well. Contrary to what you wanted to happen, punishing a dog for biting or for any other reasons won't do any good Newport Cigarettes Coupons. It will only make matters worse than just mere puppy biting.

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