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The only way to fight this problem Antworten

Your mind and mental factor: There are issues of stress and anxiety, and various other things that work in our head that we may not be aware of. It is quite normal to desire to have a good sex life and perform the best with your partner in bed. Most of the time this excitement becomes very strong and body gets message from your brain to release as soon as possible Newport Cigarettes Coupons.

The only way to fight this problem is with the help of distraction, where you have to divert your mind and not think about such things Cigarettes Online USA. But some distraction techniques include thinking about playing game, and no one wants to do that while making love on bed. So, how to avoid quick sperm release?

A good way to avoid this is by controlling your mind instead of diverting it. Put a break to your thoughts. You can achieve this by taking a deep breath. You should learn to control your breath while making love, taking deep breath will reduce your anxiety and other things that are running in your head.

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