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22.11.2019 01:57
What Are The Methods Of Taking Care Of Wigs In Winter Antworten

Winter can be challenging for all hair, including wigs. The wind, low humidity, and cold weather can be damaging to your wig. You can protect your Human Hair Wigs by following the advice below.

1. Help Your Wig Maintain Moisture
In the winter, dry weather can be damaging to your wig. Dry weather can strip the moisture out of your wig, which could make the Cheap Brazilian Human Hair on the wig more brittle and prone to breaking. So you need to take extra steps to keep your hair moist when the humidity levels are low both inside and outside.

Apply a natural oil to your hair wig, cover the wig with a shower cap, and leave the cap on for half an hour. After half an hour, wash the wig with a moisturizing shampoo.Then, comb out the wig without rinsing away the deep conditioner. This entire process will help your Virgin Hair Extensions maintain moisture during the dry winter months.

2. Air Dry Your Hair
In the winter, the low humidity inside and outside already does enough damage to your wig. Don't add on to the damage by blow-drying your wig. You want to minimize the amount of heat you expose your wig to, as heat dries out and damages your wig.

One of the easiest forms of heat to remove is your blow-dryer. Allow your wig to air dry, and limit how often you use heated styling tools. You may want to choose a winter style for your wig that requires minimum heat, and only wash your wig when you have time to allow it to air dry.

3. Protect Your Hair from Environmental Moisture
Even though the humidity can be low during the winter, you still don't want to expose your hair to excess environmental moisture. Rain can cause your wig to become frizzy.

A silk scarf is a perfect way to protect your hair from the rain. A silk scarf will keep the rain away from your hair and is gentle enough not to damage your hair either. If your hair does get wet, allow it to air dry. It takes a few hours for a wig to air dry, but air drying helps protect the fibers in your wig.

4. Take Care of Tangles
In the winter, strong winds are more common, which can tangle up your wig. Unfortunately, a small tangle can easily turn into a knot, which are damaging to your wig and can lead to the loss of hair, which isn't replaceable. Wigs lack the natural oils that keep regular hair from becoming tangled.

To keep your hair from getting tangled during the winter time, brush your wig daily. Take your wig out and use a comb to gently brush it, starting near the top of the wig, and working downward. Do not pull or try to yank out tangles in your wig.

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