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How to Care for Your New Brazilian Curly Hair Antworten

There are many reasons to enjoy the benefits of a Brazilian Hair: you want to try something new, you want to recover a more youthful head of hair. A human hair wig is designed out of real human hair that you can style, cut, or even dye if you want to and is relatively easy to care for.To make your Full Lace Front Wigs last as long as possible, follow these tips for hair care. You will find that many of them apply to your traditional hair as well, making them very easy to get used to doing.

Wash Your Wig Regularly
Here's something that you will enjoy about your wig: you only have to wash it every six to eight times you wear it. Since Brazilian Curly Hair don't accumulate the same oils and dander that your traditional hair does, you can wash them less often. You will want to wash your wig more or less often depending on how much product you use in your hair or if you work around odors that can linger in hair shafts.

Before washing your wig, comb out all tangles from the roots to the ends. Rinse the wig in warm water, then apply a sulfate and paraben-free shampoo and conditioner to your wig the way you would wash your own hair. If you want to wash the cap of the wig, do so with the same shampoo you wash the hair with, moving your fingers in gentle circles to draw out debris and odors.

Dry Your Wig Thoroughly Before Use
There are two ways you can dry a human hair wig: via a blow dryer or on a wig stand. Make sure to use a round brush to comb out the hair so it's rich and full for your next use. It's best to dry a human hair wig thoroughly while combing to prevent frizz and flyaways. If you have issues getting your wig back to its smooth and fine condition, talk to your hair stylist about new drying or conditioning techniques.

Cut or Dye Your Hair Professionally
If you want to change up the style of your human hair wig, that's just fine. You can treat the wig largely like you would treat your natural hair. You will want to visit a hair stylist to cut and dye your hair to avoid damaging the hair follicles or shafts and prevent split ends. Since the hair on a human hair wig will not regrow or bounce back from a poorly-done dye job, you don't want to risk damaging or ruining your wig by experimenting at home.

You could also purchase more than one human hair wig in varying lengths and colors. This way, you can achieve the look you are going for without making permanent chances to your existing wigs. Your stylist can help you choose flattering styles that work best for your age, face shape and desired look.

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