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Film Room: The struggle is real for Big Ben Ben Roethlisberger has made some good throws this season Womens Kevin Huber Jersey , but he has struggled with his consistency. He has had good games and bad games, but even in his better games his play has been erratic.In three games against the Buccaneers, Chiefs, and Falcons, Roethlisberger threw for nine touchdowns and 2 interceptions. In each of those games he completed more than 65% of his passes in each (including completing 78% against the Buccaneers) and had a passer rating over 100. Contrast that with the other two games between which he threw 2 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. He completed 56% of his passes in one game and 57% in the other. His quarterback rating was 60.5 in one game and 72.5 in the other. Those two games were played against arguably the two best defenses he has seen to this point: the Cleveland Browns and the Baltimore Ravens.Here is a look at some of his worst plays in one of his best games. Roethlisberger has some major lapses in accuracy this season. The clip below is the type of plays you see several times every weekend. The Steelers are trying to get the ball to one of their play makers in space so Roethlisberger takes one step and throws the ball to Antonio Brown who is running the bubble with blockers in front of him. This ball should be thrown in front of Brown, to allow him to quickly run up field, but Roethlisberger throws the ball high and behind Brown. Brown has to turn quickly to attempt to make the catch, but he is not able to haul it in. This is another ball that is way off target. Roethlisberger is trying to get the ball to tight end Vance McDonald on a crossing route. This throw should be put in front of McDonald allowing him to turn up field, but with pressure in his face Roethlisberger sails it over McDonald’s head. Considering that he couldn’t step into his throw, this is not the easiest pass, but it is still a bad miss for a highly regarded quarterback.But it’s not just his accuracy that comes and goes. Roethlisberger has had some major lapses in decision-making as well. Again dealing with pressure, Roethlisberger shuffles out of the pocket and throws the ball deep attempting to hook up with tight end Jessie James. This is a bad decision. It is Cover 1 and Falcons linebacker Duke Riley is covering James pretty tightly with Falcons safety Jordan Richards right over the top of him. It was a dangerous throw and one that by all rights should have been picked off.After not finding anyone else open on this play, Roethlisberger tries to force the ball to Brown.This is a bad decision, but if he was going to throw this pass, he at least could have put the ball outside Kevin Huber Jersey White , away from the defender. The ball is nearly picked off by Falcons corner back Desmond Trufant, and in reality never really had a chance of being caught by Brown.Roethlisberger’s worst plays seem to come in waves. Case and point: the very next play after nearly throwing a goal line interception (above), Roethlisberger threw a horrendous pick. Not finding any open receivers initially, Roethliosberger slides out of the pocket to his left and seems to be trying to direct his receivers where to go. He then lobs the ball up to Brown who is bracketed by two defenders and safety Damontae Kazee comes down with the interception for the Falcons. In a vacuum, this is an awful play for Roethlisberger, but is even worse when the situation is considered. It was second and goal with less than 30 seconds in the first half. The Steelers were down by 3. If Roethlisberger threw the ball away, they would have had one more shot at the touchdown, but worse case scenario they could have kicked a field goal and went into halftime with the game tied.It is important to remember that these clips were taken from one of Roethlisberger’s best games this season in which he faced a depleted Falcons defense. For as much as he apparently disliked Todd Haley, he does not seem comfortable in Randy Fichtner’s offense. With his accuracy and decision-making issues, this could be a big week for the Bengals defense. The Baltimore Ravens have been a relatively stable team who you knew what to expect from year in and year out. They always had a dominant defense, and they had Joe Flacco at quarterback. Flacco was usually productive and loved targeting tight ends, but not generally someone who opposing coaches lost sleep over trying to defend. Now things have changed. The Ravens have one of the most exciting and dynamic players in the league under center four yards behind the center and he has been paired with a speedy rookie wide receiver. This would seem to put the Ravens on a Super Bowl trajectory, but as you will see they are not without flaws on either side of the ball. In this first clip, Lamar Jackson throws a dime to rookie Marquise Brown. Jackson can make a lot of plays with his legs (and we’ll get to that), but he also has a great arm. Brown has incredible speed and with time the pair could rival the Kansas City Chiefs duo of Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill. Jackson had accuracy issues in college which have presented themselves in the NFL from time-to-time , as has poor decision making. This is to be expected as he is in his first full year as a starter, but is definitely something the Bengals should look to capitalize on,After throwing no interceptions in the first three weeks of the season, he has thrown five in the past two weeks. The clip above shows him throwing one of his three picks against the Steelers.Of course, Jackson is also an absurd athlete. Kyler Murray‘s athletic ability proved fatal for the Bengals last week and this week things are unlikely to get better.The clip above is one of many ridiculous scrambles Jackson has had this season. The Bengals will need to rush the passer with discipline and keep him in the pocket. This is an empty formation. Last week the Bengals showed a couple of different defensive looks to empty; one of which involved two high safeties. In that look the Bengals had five players lined up against each of the Cardinals’ five receivers and four pass rushers. This left zero linebackers in the box. On what ended up being the decisive play of the game, Murray took off up the middle of the field against this look. With no linebacker spying him, he was able to get his team into field goal range.Of course, a lot of guys can run. What makes an athletic quarterback really special is when he keeps his eyes downfield, always looking to make a play with his arm rather than his legs.In the clip above, Jackson is flushed out of the pocket and scrambles to the right. Miraculously he manages to find Willie Snead IV on the complete opposite side of the field for the first down,In the offseason, the Ravens claimed to be making great innovations offensively that would be completely unique. In all honestly, what they are doing is very similar to what head coach John Harbaugh’s brother Jim Harbaugh was doing with Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers in the early part of the decade. It’s no coincidence that Greg Roman, the Ravens’ offensive coordinator, was Kaepernick’s offensive coordinator as well under the other Harbaugh in San Francisco.The clip above is a quarterback power play that incorporates an option component. Jackson reads the defensive end on the play side. If he crashes down Womens Vontaze Burfict Jersey , Jackson will give the ball to the running back on the outside run. Here the defender gets wide, so Jackson follows his pulling guard through the hole.Full backfields are prevalent in this offense. In the clip above, Jackson has a player to either side and a running back behind him. It is once again an option play. Jackson reads the end man on the line of scrimmage and either gives to the running back up the middle or keeps it himself to take around the edge. In the clip above the end man on the line of scrimmage stays wide, so Jackson gives the ball to the running back.In the clip below, the end man on the line of scrimmage crashes down to tackle the dive, so Jackson keeps it and takes off around the outside.While the Ravens may be much more exciting and dynamic on offense, their defense is not what it used to be. The losses of C.J. Mosley and Eric Weddle have hit this team hard.While adding Earl Thomas III was a great move, the loss of the defensive leaders listed above has taken its toll. This defense has had a number of blown coverages. In the clip above they are in a three-deep look defensively and the slot receiver is inexplicably allowed to run freely up the field. He is open for a long touchdown.Their problems defensively are not only about understanding their jobs. They have also had problems tackling in both the run game and the pass game. In the clip above they miss four tackles and give up the score to Nick Chubb . For better or worse, this is not the same old Ravens. They have shown some very good things offensively, but Jackson has not been cautious enough with the ball in recent weeks. Defensively they have talent, but have not played to their potential. In short, this is a team that could be one of the league’s best, but has not yet shown their best selves. To win this game the Bengals will need to show great discipline defensively and turn mistakes by the Ravens defense into points.

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