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03.01.2020 08:34
Give customers premiums Antworten

Give customers premiums. Premiums can add tremendous value to your offer without substantially increasing your cost of delivery.

Emphasize the word FREE wherever it applies Cigarettes Online Free Shipping.

Use fast-loading graphics that actively support your message Wholesale Cigarettes Online. Avoid generic clip-art 'success' graphics if you can Cheap Cigarettes Online USA.

Provide testimonials. If you don't have them, get them ASAP.

Urge 'Immediate Action'. State a time limit to your offer (note: many marketers offer their premiums only if prospective customers buy within a window of 3-14 days).

The better you know your target audience the more sales you will make. The key is to know how badly your customers hurt, and what they most want to achieve.

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