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Duty free GCC printed from cellophane tape on the outer packaging of cigarette packs can be identified as the GCC duty-free version. This paragraph should be a new version. It is different from the one in the New Century text. It has added warning statements and three physical and chemical indicators. FLAVOR MIX under the triangle red mark, meaning medium alcoholThe style and content of warning statements are the same as those in Asia-Pacific and the European Union. The tax-free sales are printed on the flip. The three physical and chemical index values, especially nicotine, are not very high. The production barcode of the old version of the GCC tax-free alcohol is the United States, and this new version is Swiss. Of course, this is just a bar code, not the actual place of production of cigarettes. Touch Marlboro at the bottom of the cigarette case, the convex feeling is obvious. The old version of GCC is rich in alcohol and is produced in Lithuania marked with LA. This new version of the article does not have a steel seal, but is printed with letters and numbers beginning with TA. It seems that it is a mixed code of the upper line of English letters and numbers produced in Turkey. I don't quite understand what it means. Flip the lid up and then find that the new version has the effect of sealing and freshness. SMART SEAL, that is what it means. At the same time, the English word is also printed on the left side of the cigarette case. The filter style is also new. In addition to the traditional English logo of Marlboro, the English words of Zhongol are also printed on the filter. Watch carefully. Located in the upper middle part of the filter, there is a row of large-distance defocusing lines. This box of cigarettes was taken two weeks ago. Perhaps it is because of the sealing and fresh-keeping effect of the cigarette case, or perhaps because of the high humidity in summer, and the hand-rolled cigarette paper is soft and soft. Smell Parliament Cigarettes, the mixed breath is not very strong. Judging from the smoke of the first few breaths, I have not fully felt how light and light compared to the original red. Judging by some of the new red flavors I have drawn, it is not as strong and powerful as Marlboro more than 20 years ago. Continue to inhale. This time, I have basically felt the softness of this medium-sized smoke. When the smoke passes through the throat, I don’t feel the itch and irritation when smoking the original red. When the smoke passes through the nose, the burning temperature is not very high. The smell of smoke exhaled from the nostrils is smelled Online Cigarettes. The original red smell is basically the same. The shredded tobacco burns at a relatively uniform rate. It does not have the symptoms of slow burning and occasional suction resistance like some American styles. Take a deep breath, the smoke enters the lungs through the throat. Although the smoke dose is far from rich and full, it is also substantial. The soft and smooth smoke brings to the respiratory tract an even and calm feeling. The impact of the smoke on the lungs is obviously and gentle compared to the original red Marlboro Gold, which is softer. Compared with the Platinum Series, the strength is much improved. The smoke feels good in the lungs. I hope that it can stay for a long time after about 3 seconds. The mouth and nose are open and slowly spit out the smoke. Repeat this process. The respiratory tract feels good, natural coordination, and evenness. Aftertaste the taste between the lips and teeth, without the slight bitterness of the original taste red, looks very pure. One after another, I swallowed three GCC alcohols and couldn't stop. By smoking this cigarette, I have changed some of the inherent views and opinions about Marlboro cigarettes. It has always been admired that the denser the smoke and the stronger the strength of Marlboro Road, so it ignores some of its soft and gentle nature. Although I haven't smoked other versions of Zhonglin Wan, I think it's basically not much different from this GCC duty-free version. Compared with the original flavor red series, the middle alcohol series is gentle and harmonious. Compared to the Platinum Series, it is mellow and full. Although there is a defocusing line on the filter, it does not affect the overall plumpness and smoothness of the smoke at all.
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