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vacuum pump in gas drainage

Gas accident is the most important thing in coal mining industry in recent years. Dozens of innocent people can be killed in a mine accident. Therefore, the safety of equipment in coal mining industry can not be ignored. There are several basic forms of gas drainage by water ring vacuum pump / compressor

According to the relationship between coal mining and drainage: pre pumping before mining, that is, the drainage of coalbed methane from the undeveloped coal seam. Because the mining area is wide and the pipeline is long, it usually has dozens of kilometers. The working environment is bad, so the water ring vacuum pump / compressor is required to have large air volume, high vacuum degree and reliable operation. Now the water ring vacuum pump / compressor is designed and manufactured with international advanced technology, and the gas volume can reach 500 ~ 70000m3 / h, which can fully meet the needs of coal mining industry. This pumping method has gradually become the mainstream. This method not only becomes the guarantee of safe production, but also becomes a new clean energy, which has strategic significance for China, a big coal country. Pumping while excavating and mining while pumping, that is, CBM drainage in the process of coal seam mining. After mining drainage, namely abandoned mine, mining roadway CBM drainage.

The drainage method is divided into: drilling drainage, drilling coal seam, and using loosening technology to increase the release area and conduction of coalbed methane, so as to make the rapid release of coalbed methane. Reduce the release in the process of excavation. This method has good effect and high utilization rate of coalbed methane. Generally, water ring vacuum pump / compressor is used for pumping. Roadway method drainage, the goaf roadway, mining roadway gas drainage, to ensure the safe concentration. It includes surface vertical well pumping, mixed pumping, etc.

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