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31.07.2020 10:58
How To Wear A U part Wig In Few Minutes Antworten

Part 1: What Is Upart Wig
Part 2: How To Wear It
Part 3: Wiggins Hair Upart Options

Part 1: What Is Upart Wig
The U-Part wig is a kind of half-wig which is blend with your natural hair,difference from real clip in,it is a whole part of one hair piece connected with the braid we made previously by clips. Our natural wave hair restyling is the finishing touch to a painting.
Since we need to leave out a part of our own natural hair,so it is very important to select the right texture and color to suit ours. Normally straight,body wave,kinky straight are the most popular textures for black ladies.

Part 2: How To Wear It
Step 1: Braid for preparation
Try on the u-part wig first to choose the hair quantity we need for the middle of upart wig,leave the side part we need for forhead,then part our own hair and finish the left braids

Step 2: Wear and flat the upart wig down
Put the wig on from the center of u part wig,and clip in the clips wherever they should be,making sure the wig suit our head very well.

Step 3: Release your own hair and restyle
Release our own hair and restyle the suitable style to the upart wig. As well,make sure the side of upart wig can be covered by our own hair.

Step 4: Make a baby hair for a natural look
As we mentioned before,for the side of hair we left,the use is to make wig naturally, normally we can make a baby hair of we just cover the wig side part. We may need iron,comb,glue to complete this part,which is very easy to manage.

Part 3: Wiggins Hair Upart Options
Wiggins hair upart for hot sale,following is the detail:
straight,Body wave,loose deep wave hair,deep wave,
natural wave,curly wave,straight curly wave
Hair length:
12 inches-30 inches
Hair Density:
Part Type:
Middle part,left side part,right side part
The above is all information about the affordable U-Part human wig,any interest trying one? Wiggins Hair has big sale for them now, as well wiggins hair coupons available! More details,kindly check Wiggins Hair website or INS DM for what you want!
What’s number:+8617703997280

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