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Flank of technique expert explanation way:"Is previous our six radicle the anti- satellite guided missile have already taken aim at the satellite system of dreamlike island, when we will soon attackstone, the satellite of dreamlike island carries on abnormally having no changing of regulation track sport and make our six radicle the anti- satellite system can not target the satellite attack of the other party.After the satellite system that waits until us collapses, the satellite of dreamlike island resumed a normal movement track right away, however we have already lost the guide of satellite in the space at this time, can not attackstone the satellite network of dreamlike island any further."
The rice country's old president knows the importance of oneself satellite, there is no satellite system, the fighting strength of rice country descends a half at least above.He asks a way:"Do our satellites re- shoot the God demand for many long times?"
The technique expert says:"After our satellite was destroyed, we have been being carrying on the blast-off of spare satellite to prepare a work and anticipated after two hours the first meets an emergency satellite and then wills be disheveled hair and shoots and gets off the ground, fills up us and has no satellite of available embarrassing situation.However want to resume our satellite amount of peak period, still need half year at least above time.In this period, we the military ally that can depend on us, ask for help of their satellite systems to come to carry on supervision to the world."
After losing his/her own satellite network, rice country's the satellite that can use an ally meets an emergency.However the satellite ability of rice country these allieses is apart from a rice country to still have a very big margin, can not make up a rice country satellite at all drive loss after destroying.So come up to say from the supervision scope, the rice country has already lost the supervision ability to the world, they can choose point the district carry on supervision.
The 100 among those mus big triangle waters is one of the point of rice soldier supervision, because the Yan flies and once appears in this waters lately, but the this place waters still has one of their Bush sail mother the combats is carrying on a military to cruise.If the dreamlike island really launches an attack against the rice army brigade, this waters be most probably of battlefield.
For the sake of the safe consideration of military, the communication equipments of rice army brigade not ability and allies satellite system directly conjunction, though their allieses by a happy chance have a few militaries to be located in with the communications satellite 100 Mu big triangle waters, but they not ability direct contact rice soldier sail mother's combatses, can not also deliver the information to the sail mother's combats.
When the Yan flies to attackstone the aircraft carrier combats of Bush, the flashlight that appear continuously on the sea surface is grasped by the allies satellite of rice country to clap, the rice soldier of that time the commanding center have a far from good felling.Then a Los Angeles class attack pit submarine released buoy type antenna in the place of doom, with win the short-wave signal make secret report to the rice soldier naval base hair and notified Bush sail mother the whole army reply the information for putting out.
Rice soldier according to getting from the allies of not complete satellite signal, plus to receive of the pit submarine send out of end information, would predict the sail mother's combatses of fighting strength's strongest Bush in a rice country's navy should already the whole army replied to put out lately.
An aircraft carrier's replying to put out is a big deal to rice country, know after two wars ended, rice country still have no aircraft carrier be sunk by enemy's shot of precedent.The rice country commanding center can contact an old president right away, will just and on TV carry on the old president of lecture to call back and tell him this shocking news to know, and allow the old president to carry on next move of decision.
The old president after digesting this news finally confirms the sail mother whom oneself takes it as an honour to fight to live together however isn't the opponent that the Yan flies.He says:"The blast-off that speeds spare satellite, fight for at most before short time resume the rice country amount of satellites to of of level.The order is giving up to carry out a task toward three sail mother's combatses of dreamlike island in the Chi, right away after withdraw, at least want also Be 2,000 kilometers apart from the dreamlike island above."
The commanding center adopts right away original way to north Pacific Ocean up of rice soldier sail the mother send out a latest battle order, the rice country's old president asks a way again:"In the dreamlike island now is what circumstance?"
The cia representative director says:"After the Yan flew toward us to declare war, we the latent talent intelligence people be arrested by the all of the other parties, see to on the dreamlike island these personnels have already exposed, of so the dreamlike island didn't move them right away, is making use of them to send out disinformation for us and let us do to come amiss mistake decision.However pour on the network of dreamlike island is discover that they just withdraw a dreamlike island at the large-scale organization personnel."
The old president combed to comb hair the last golden hair, sneer way:"The Yan flies to want to let these people's safeties leave a dreamlike island, I how may be like his wish again ……orderany the rice of halting the insularity and cold country base air force of country to take off right away, go to intercept the warship ship and airplane that withdraws from the dreamlike island and take all of them to our military base in East Asia."
A staff says:"Mr. president, those persons who withdraw from the dreamlike island are just the common run of people, basically unimportant.We send an airplane to intercept them, in case of appear an accident to cause personnel's dying or injuring, we will be very passive on the public opinion."
The old president says chillily:"Dreamlike island already and we the rice country declare war, all persons on the dreamlike islands are our enemies.Even if our airplanes shoot guided missile to kill all of them, also is to belong to normal act of war, who can not also blame us.The military base of much less insularity and cold country is so near apart from the dreamlike island, they might suffer Yan to fly suddenly an attack very greatly.As long as there is the hostage of these dreamlike islands at in, I see who dare to attackstone our bases ……"
The Yan flies really don't know Bush sail mother combat whole army's replying the intelligence report for putting out have already been known by the rice country, after all naval battle of time have some disorder, he also has never thought a be placed in place of doom in of Los Angeles class attack's checking a submarine will suddenly ascend to float, then take a risk to fight sail mother of Bush's intelligence report of cluster to send out to return to.
However even if the rice country knows this intelligence report, the Yan flies to can't put, either in the mind.War arrive end, still need to carry on positive rightness of definitely just can definitely victory or defeat, just secretively carrying on a sneak attack can't make the enemy cut up rough more.The Yan flies be want to tell rice the people, the dreamlike island is very strong, own the terrible real strenght of exterminating the rice army matter ability of is good enough to, the rice country doesn't dare dog to urgently jump a wall and do to use the affair that nuclear weapon machine bombs a dreamlike island.
After harvesting a big wave eminent contribution and ordering, the Yan flies the step that didn't stop a battle.He starts the facing rice foundation of a nation soil flying to, what he want to do is to multiply by to win to make track for shot, extend results in battle.
The next attack target that the Yan flies is the headquarters Norfolk of the rice country fleet in Atlantic, his wanting to take a rice soldier hasn't responded to come over of time much result in loss for country's navy of rice as far as possible.He not only wants to attackstone a rice country the biggest naval base of western Atlantic, but also wants thoroughly a sail of relieving the rice country mother production ability, his attack target still includes the only Niu wave that can produce aircraft carrier the Niu Si shipbuilding factory is especially.
The Norfolk is located in a rice country eastern coast of Fu Ji Ni second state, it is should state of the second largest city and the biggest port city.It is located in Elizabeth's river front and grip to slice Sa skin a gram gulf throat, and??Especially the Niu wave the Niu Si shipbuilding factory separates sea to mutually hope and just be separated several ten kilometers far.The Yan flies to only start out at a time, can attackstone two important targets.
100 Mu the big triangle region is apart from Norfolk naval base more than 1,000 kilometers are only far, the unmanned machine quickly flies, Be just half hour, the Yan flew and then arrived the sky of Norfolk naval base.The rice country realizes right away that the Norfolk naval base of eastern coast is placed in extreme danger after discovering that already the sail mother's combatses of Bush whole army reply to put out in, early and early contacted the commander's headquarters of Norfolk, let them work well preparation, carried on important personnel and material to transfer, avoid resulting in huge loss.

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