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22.09.2020 10:50
Everything is on the table” to stop President Trump Antworten

President Trump from creating a hard-right majority on the Supreme Court, Nan Aron, president of one of Washington’s leading progressive advocacy groups on justice issues, told Yahoo News on Monday. This might include expanding the number of justices on the court should Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat be filled before the election or in a lame duck session should Joe Biden win.

“At this point, if they ram through another justice on the Supreme Court, they’re essentially saying, ‘Look, these are politicians in judicial robes, we’re going to see the court as a political institution, ” Aron, president and founder of the Alliance for Justice, told the Yahoo News “Skullduggery” podcast. “Six justices will represent just a small segment of the American population. I do think in that instance it's important to reassert balance on the Supreme Court. ”

Aron is helping to spearhead the left’s effort to block Republicans from filling Ginsburg’s seat. She said Republicans appear to have the votes they need and that expanding the court’s size may be the only way to ensure the Supreme Court more accurately represents the country. “It will be absolutely necessary to ensure everyday people get a fair shake at the Supreme Court, ” Aron said, referring to expansion. “Republicans see the courts as pathways to power. Democrats see the courts as pathways to justice. ”

Meanwhile, Edward Whelan, a conservative lobbyist and court observer, told “Skullduggery” that he believes Trump and Senate Republicans should push through a Supreme Court replacement for Ginsburg even if the president loses the election and the Republicans lose their Senate majority.

“The president... is president until the new president is sworn in; the Senate is the Senate until the new Senate is sworn in so, yes, they should exercise their responsibilities, ” Whelan said when asked if it is appropriate for Republicans to push a replacement justice through even if they were to be rejected in November by voters.]Newport Cigarettes Shop[/url]

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