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16.10.2020 04:16
cool handsome posture holds up ball Antworten

Have been visiting the leaf jade tiger of Yi to get in the other party half time an extremely good of the opportunity probably is two classes of to descend and originally want to pour several more feet in field player's physique, the occurrence spread a ball mistake, the ball was falling a leaf jade tiger foot, at this time he is apart from the other party to forbid area only have the Yao of several rices, but he faces the angle of formation in the ball door very beneficial, the wicketkeeper is standing another side of ball door.
When break continuously, necessarily be subjected to it disorderly, the leaf jade tiger shouts at top of voice:"The tiger shoots!"The ball disease soon flies toward ball door and anyway also too late put out by wicketkeeper the position of place, leaf jade tiger the hands grip, the heart concussion is thousand times.
At this time one personal shadow is horizontal empty but, make the ball rushing toward miraculous of.
Liao learns a soldier to involuntarily play to start, "dry must be good!"
Wicketkeeper back to football, his distance and posture how also is not likely to touch to run into football, too cow?
Leaf the jade tiger is careful on seeing, rush toward necessarily what to go into one ball is the No.5 of the other party rearguard ……his reaction make people stare tongue-tied!The field external appearance is many absolutely soon crary.
The umpire blows whistle:"Forbid handball inside the area!The judge orders ball!"Produce a red card to punish that miraculous rearguard at the same time bottom.Four eye mumbling way:"The soul attaches a body, is really a soul to attach a body."
The situation takes a sudden turn and develops rapidly and becomes two classes of to two years much more beneficial, this is before the match who can not anticipate either of matter.Three years a class of miniskirt the beautiful leg cheer section still work harder to call:"Three years 1 class always contends for 1 ……" but people's attention to them has already been presented by the fascinating Fen of game attraction, no longer see their one eye.
Shell Xiao Dan one stem girl's bottom spirit start changing enough, the game still leaves for ten minutes, and they completely have opportunity comeback win.
Order ball to have no to hang to read ground be punished into.The game fights 2-2 even.
Old Liao really thinks to kill leaf jade tiger this time, aren't being my 4,500 pieceses money?That movable budget that is the old president to give, in case of lost to take what come to compensate?He embraces hands to stand present side, the facial expression is profound unfathomable, the ear is pleasing to listener the happy voice of four eyes, Chen You Nian and shell Xiao Dans joke, the heart doesn't know to is what taste.
Imitate a Buddha the truth of football inscrutability is for the sake of the verification, again or three years a class of potential be completely stired up, lately be spread ball behind start a surprising high speed degree, once connected 3 people, Tu into forbid area.Meanwhile, are two classes of for two years forbid area to leave wicketkeeper and formerly the field hurtle to empress the field rescue of forward Li Yu, form the power of broad sword unclearly.
Liao learns the soldier's mood to suddenly hang up, the hands hold into a fist, ground read a way:"Rise feet, shoot ball at goal, don't hesitate!Shoot ball at goal!"
Four eyes say:"The forward is rearguard, simply good in Li Yu, the crest lives and gives me the crest to live!"
Just for an instant, lately pick ball cross the top of head in Li Yu, oneself follows blunt caught the ball in the past, this kind of skillful of arouse the applause of one concussion over person's method.Seeing him will form with wicketkeeper one by one a list to pick, in Li Yu greatly hasty, charge forward to hold tight him, two hands by a happy chance hold tight what new shorts side Cape, come his pants draw down.
What lately is exactly ex- blunt power, 2 people toghter trip over, the shorts are pulled down heel part, peep out fresh and red pants.The audiences hiss your work, the whistle of umpire also rang.
What lately have to fall and hurt no matter, hands compete first the Wu live to hand over file position, the facial expression wants to be much difficult to see have much difficult see:"Feed, you this dead freak!Lao Tze isn't homosexuality, don't touch me, I like of female still present external appearance war!"
It is a more embarrassed difficult speech in Li Yu, quickly release his pants.The field infield is outside full of willing to wound laughter.The leaf jade tiger has a fit a way:"You in the middle of Li Yu are this stupid pig, roll for me quickly!The forward isn't worthy to and wants to rob the position of rearguard!"
Need not he rolls, umpire already the judge order ball and take out a red card punish in Li Yu bottom.
Liao learns a soldier a surprised on feeling that the wager ball really isn't what person does suddenly, still little hereafter be stained with for wonderful, however he re-collect confidence again to three years 1 class now, dark way:"Stop worrying, in Li Yu, I will let you the language lesson pass examination.You are a big savior, football athlete's model."
What lately not the Kui is a core of a class of field, having no to hang to read ground will order ball to punish into.
This bottom the connecting four eyes also shout bravo for the performance of opponent, "this what lately kick is really beautiful, order ball to incredibly also learn a ball star to start to play'ladle'."
Liao learns soldier's way:"That also uses to say, I see him is three years 1 class together inside reach, only didn't Xie Ding is just."
"Teacher, is together reach inside, be not inside reach."Four eyes nowise show consideration ground to say.
The score in nowadays is 3-2!Three years 1 class re- occupied leading advantage.Stage while plusing to repair, game still leave don't arrive for ten minutes, both parties at forbid putting together of area to rob very vigorous.
Relatively what to rob an eye is two years two classes of medium field member of team, Lin Xiao, be willing to, he fat shape at in field peristalsis, will let each time near at the at present ball is from the feet side slippery walk, keep member of team Nu scolding.Opportunity to finally welcome a ball, but took over the ball sky, be responsible for rendering assistance of clock Bai spirit grow crazy:"Can't your his grandmother use a bottom crest?"
Everyone's action range is more and more big, beat a beginning from"the tiger shoots" of the leaf jade tiger, everybody touches ball to all before want to shout at top of voice, for example what"decline a dragon 18 spades", "the razor shoots ball at goal", "the Lu mountain rises Long Chan" appear in succession.
Liao learned a soldier to see Meng, this his Niang of is football or an animated cartoon?He starts to be dark great, time is less and less, see come from F is win settle!The God protects, I each one have to be meat-eating this month.If win money, I was a teacher, still advised the students hereafter don't wager ball.The wager club lets people have heart trouble of, if they don't want wager, much good with my contest carses.The one more thinks that my old Liao is model for others, how can I guide a student to gamble?!
See a game again, feel two classes of because football very united of appearance, he starts thinking can is similar to the activity of football to combine in education, in fact education don't limit in the classroom, outdoor activity, even can stir up their ambitions in the outside of schools.
He orders a smoke beginning bitterness to think.This kind of suddenly display come out of melancholy poet's qualities and noisy of ground formation mightiness anti- bad, always at the shell Xiao that silently observes him the Dan was foolish to live.
The ball puts together to rob at both parties' member of team at this time under deviate to schedule to an orbit dynasty him to fly.The shell Xiao Dan shouts loudly 1:"Caution of the teacher!"
Old Liao a surprised, suddenly start to come to, just thinking do a cool handsome posture holds up ball, didn't expect that unexpectedly is a Xu revolving of full strength ball ……bang of a , the ball hits on his face, the cigarette butt spark splashes, nose slowly run off a blood.
Old Liao's heart almost flies a chest, consternation a short moment just distressly wipe nosebleed.
The episode of this accident makes the outside inside the field be full of comfortable and happy air.The eyes of the masses are fixed on next bring shame, Liao learns a soldier to have to make a pretense of totally unconcerned poise and flicks to begin to blurt out:"Are a class of classmates for three years, encourage!Fight for victory!"
The miniskirt beautiful leg cheer section pours to have the half the person to looking at him:"Two years two classes of form masters really have poise and incredibly still encourage a drum strength for our class."Whole school one student beauty, what lately like object Li Xing Hua to also feel this teacher too interesting.
Still have the last two minutes!Two years two classes of classmates incredibly and more fight more brave, the situation turns in reverse and press ascend the half time of the other party.
Two years 2 classes near force hard Cape ball.The Cape ball opens, it are a class of interior region that forbid area for three years to fall.

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