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The shredded tobacco is soft and has a compelling aroma and is very comfortable to smoke. The original fragrance of tobacco is not obvious. Tianjiao Holy Land is still thick and easy to smoke. Although the filter tip is a little affected, the taste is really good. Compared with the fine branch Tianjiao Holy Land, the taste is much stronger. In addition to the elegant fragrance style of the perfect inheritance cigarette, the aroma is elegant and pure, the smoke is delicate and sweet, and it also highlights the demand characteristics. Focusing on the big picture Parliament Cigarettes, starting small, and earnestly achieving on-demand production is the reason why it is not seen in many regions Cheap Cigarettes. And just because things are rare and expensive, it makes sense. In addition to the perfectly inherited elegant fragrance style, the fragrance is elegant and pure, the smoke is delicate and sweet, and it also highlights the characteristics of demand. Focusing on the big picture, starting small, and earnestly achieving on-demand production is also the reason for the scarcity of production Wholesale Cigarettes, which is not seen in many areas. And it is precisely because the material is rare and expensive, the throat is smooth, the smoke is delicate, and the mouth is sweet. It is indeed a good smoke, but it is not the elegant taste of traditional cloud smoke in the full smoke, and the expressiveness lacks level., Somewhat "clear" to light, "elegant" and virtual. Generally speaking, the smoke is full, the entrance is smooth and delicate, and the fragrance is full, which indeed represents the highest level of smoke. The length of the cigarette is 84mm, and the length of the filter is 30mm. The cigarette is made of dry indentation brown cigarette paper, lined with watermark, and the seal is printed with hand-engraved gravure printing. The trademark is printed with color-changing ink, microtext and other technologies, and three-dimensional holographic laser Three simulated cigarettes can be seen on the membrane.
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