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When I ignite and spit out the smoke, the scent from my lips and tongue is somewhat delicate and sweet. Take a few breaths back and forth, and savor it again. There seems to be a trace of tea fragrance remaining in the mouth, and the tobacco burns at a moderate rate. The strength of the smoke seemed slightly soft Carton Of Cigarettes. With the swallowing and exhalation of each puff of smoke, what is felt and smelled between the mouth and nose is still the refreshing and delicate tea sweet aroma and taste. The design of the front flap of the cigarette case is somewhat similar. The main picture is the type of line drawing. The warning statement is the latest version. There are three sections as a whole, the top section is the bronzing picture, the color is the same as the bottom section. The format adopted on the back of the cigarette case introduces their characteristics Wholesale Cigarettes. The overall packaging is very charming. Cigarettes have elegant aroma, full aroma and delicate smoke, which highlights the mellow and natural taste of high-end cigarettes. Tobacco leaves are selected from high-quality Marlboro Red, high-quality tobacco leaves with sufficient aroma, golden color and bright luster to highlight the elegant aroma and mellow taste of high-end cigarettes. The sense of simplicity, whether it is the outer shell or the cigarette, has a strong feeling, with a feeling of cloud smoke and a hundred flavors of life. The cigarette packaging is simple and elegant, quiet and far-reaching, and contains the meaning of minimal life. I personally like the packaging of this cigarette. Light the cigarette, the first sip, the smoke feels a little hollow, the lumps are okay, the throat is slightly thick, the aroma is not prominent, and the tongue feels slightly astringent when it is spit out. In the second puff, the smoke is much thicker and fills the entire mouth. The smoke is not delicate, and the aroma is fragrant but slightly lacking. I think the flavor of this cigarette should be improved from Cantonese cigarettes such as Wuye Shen, Although it is powerful and not what it means, it is also considered harmonious.
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