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22.03.2021 09:49
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Most people have the impression that Breitling Avenger men Watches have a longer service life than quartz watches. But the fact is not always true, because all the running parts in quartz watches and mechanical watches are the same, and they are likely to have the same life. The main difference between quartz watch as well as mechanical watch lies in which kind of energy source is used to drive the movement of the watch core: the mechanised watch uses the spring as the energy source, while the quartz watch uses a battery as the energy source.
1 . Look at the sign. Observe the words on the dial or bottom of the view. If it is engraved with automatic, it is an automated watch. If it is engraved with quartz, it is a quartz enjoy.
2 . Look at the pointer. Looking at the movement of the second hand, the second hand of the vast majority of quartz watches on the market is jumping around (commonly known as jumping seconds), jumping once a second, some even have no second-hand at all; while the second hand of mechanical timepieces is sliding (commonly referred to as sweeping seconds). (the reason why the quartz meter adopts the second skipping is actually to save electricity, because if the electric motor is continuously powered and the second sweeping is actually adopted, the actual battery can only drive the particular quartz meter for half the time. If you change the used to jump around, the working time from the electric motor will be shortened, and the product lifespan of the battery will be doubled. ) This kind of judgment method is not an absolute positive solution. For example , Seiko of Japan has developed springtime drive, a quartz see with 2nd scanning function, while Jacques drow, Jijia and Langer all have mechanical wrist watches with specific second missing function. Generally, mechanical next skipping is a high-end observe.
3. Look into the case thickness. Generally, the case of physical watch will be thick, as the case associated with quartz look at is thin.
4. Glance at the back of the watch. Back through design of this timepiece can directly see the motion and operation, generally back through the check out is a kinetic watch.
5. Turn the watch handle. In the "0" position, turn typically the handle slightly, the technical watch can feel the resistance on the chain, and the quartz watch is in neutral place, without any rotation resistance.
6. Listen to the sound. In a quiet environment, keep the back of your watch close to your ear. The clockwork watch may hear a quick "click" sound, which is due to the friction audio produced by often the escapement mechanism of the sit back and watch. Quartz watch can hear the "click" in seconds. Close to the ear canal and gently shake this timepiece. If you listen to the shaking sound inside the watch, it means that the view is an programmed mechanical enjoy.
(3) Advantages and disadvantages of quartz watch: quartz watch utilizes quartz vibration to control the exact operation in the watch pointer. In this process, the electric battery is used since the power, so when the battery power has no electricity, the quartz watch will stop operation. The service life of an ordinary battery pack is generally about 2 years, so compared with foot orthotics watch, this has become its disadvantage, and the battery needs to be replaced. But the travel time of quartz watch is very accurate, the very error of one day's travel time is usually between - 0. five and + 0. a few seconds, and also the price is cheaper than that of mechanical see. Note: check the battery power regularly, use plastic or bamboo tweezers to replace the power supply, and metal tweezers are easy to cause short circuit. When the quartz observe pawned by the customer stops moving, take out the power with the consent of the customer to prevent the main battery from exploding and also affecting the whole board. The actual quartz two needle look at should be adjusted one minute faster to compensate the clearance between gears.
(4) Advantages and disadvantages regarding mechanical check out: mechanical sit back and watch is divided into manual along with automatic. Manual mechanical watch is driven by tightening the early spring in the movements to drive the gear to push the actual pointer. Automatic mechanical view is to maintain power via automatic swing. The advantage of mechanized watch is that as long as you wind it frequently, you can walk or golf swing the watch more often (manual mechanical watch needs to wind it manually every day), you can ensure the operation. Another advantage is that mechanised watch has investment in addition to collection value. The disadvantage is that the error on the mechanical enjoy is relatively large. If the period accuracy requirement is relatively high, it is not suitable to use the particular mechanical see, and the maintenance of the physical watch will be relatively complicated.Breitling Avenger

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