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How to select the connection options of voice gateway Antworten

How to select the connection options of voice gateway

A voice gateway is one of the most important components within a voice over IP infrastructure. The voice gateway is used to connect the enterprise VoIP network with the telecommunications provider, using a number of different connectivity methods, such as PSTN, ISDN and SIP.

In many cases, voice gateways are also used as "interfacing devices" between old analog devices and the VoIP infrastructure. Some examples include fax machines, security alarm systems and analog phones. These devices normally require a PSTN line to work. In these cases, the voice gateway can simulate a PSTN line connecting the analog device to the VoIP network via an FXS port .

Voice gateways support a variety of protocols, allowing easy integration with any type of VoIP infrastructure. SIP voice gateways are very popular and usually compatible with all VoIP telephony vendors since SIP is the preferred protocol for VoIP communications.

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