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Tensile testing machine test speed Antworten

Tensile testing machine test speed

At present, some domestic equipment in 50 ~ 500 mm / min, some in 0.001 ~ 500 mm / min, the former generally use ordinary trapezoidal screw plus speed motor or frequency conversion speed control system, the cost is lower, wear and tear. Over time, the test more will produce a shaking of the center link plate, affecting the test accuracy, and time soon, the machine is noisy and easy to break; a laboratory put such a tractor-like tension machine, certainly not in a good mood, the follow-up maintenance is also a lot of overhead. So we must also think about our testers. The latter uses a servo system with ball screw, high precision, constant speed and stable speed, small wear and tear, better durability. The measured test repeatability is also good. The standards have specified test conditions, what material how much speed, because the speed is not the same measured force value is not the same. Such as all kinds of production equipment robots are used in the servo system, if you have the opportunity to go to the car factory to see, car parts in each position is no difference. Think about how relieved you can be to put such a machine into your own factory, out of the product after the test, the heart will be confident, the price will be sold accordingly, the customer is also easy to accept.

As flexible packaging materials are mainly polymer or its related materials, as mentioned before polymer materials elongation is far better than metal, fiber, wood, plate and other materials, so the detection of polymer tensile strength machine with the usual material tensile properties testing tensile strength machine has some differences, especially need to pay attention to the effective stroke of the electronic tensile strength machine and the specimen fixture two aspects. Tensile properties of plastics and rubber is one of the most important and basic mechanical properties, which largely determines the use of the plastic and rubber occasions. Tensile properties of good or bad, can be tested by tensile test machine tensile test. Tensile properties of polymers tensile test: when used as a material requires polymers to have the necessary mechanical properties. It can be said that for most applications of polymers, mechanical properties are more important than other physical properties. Polymers have the widest range of mechanical properties of any known material due to the fact that polymers are composed of long chain molecules and have significant relaxation properties in molecular motion.

For example, polymer materials have a fairly high elongation, the general PE elongation at break in 90% to 950% (including linear low density polyethylene LLDPE elongation is higher), through a special production process, the elongation of some materials can be above 1000%, while the elongation at break of ordinary polymer materials are also mostly between 50% to 100%. Usually the higher requirements for the tensile properties of the material are heat shrinkable film as well as stretch film. Tensile test machine tensile test: tensile test (stress-strain test) is generally the material specimen ends are clamped in two jigs at a certain distance apart, the two jigs to a certain rate of separation and stretching the specimen to determine the stress change on the specimen until the specimen damage. Tension machine tensile test is one of the most widely used methods to study the mechanical strength of materials, which requires the use of constant speed motion. According to the different ways of load determination, can be broadly divided into two types of pendulum type tensile testing machine and electronic tensile testing machine, currently more commonly used is the electronic tensile testing machine.

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