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12.11.2021 06:50
Daily maintenance method of horizontal tensile testing machine Antworten

Daily maintenance method of horizontal tensile testing machine

Horizontal tensile testing machine is mainly used for static tensile performance test of materials and parts. It can also be used for the stretching of various metal materials, steel cables, chains, lifting belts, etc. It is widely used in metal products, building structures, ships, military industries and other fields. The testing machine uses mature universal testing machine technology, adds a steel frame structure, changes the vertical test into a horizontal test, and satisfies the test of large specimens and full-scale specimens. This is done by a vertical tensile testing machine. Less than. In our daily use, we must maintain the equipment from the following points:

1. Ensure that the testing machine is clean. The parts of the testing machine should be wiped frequently to ensure that they are clean. After wiping the unpainted surface, wipe it with a small amount of oil with cotton yarn to avoid rust, especially during the rainy season. Zhengzhou Cancer Hospital, when not in use, use a dust cover to prevent dust from intruding. All valves on the hydraulic control box should not be opened to prevent dust from entering the interior and affecting the flexibility of the hydraulic control mechanism. Frequent use for a long period of time can cause the oil volume to decrease or change. We should check the oil volume every 1-3 months based on the operating conditions.

2. Replace the hydraulic oil in time. After the equipment stops running for 15 minutes, check the oil level of the hydraulic control box. If the oil is insufficient, add the same type of hydraulic oil; if the oil has changed, release the oil and replace it with new hydraulic oil. Frequent use of equipment for tensile rupture tests may cause local fasteners to loosen, and the fastening conditions of these parts should be checked frequently.

3. Check equipment regularly. There are two (8 in total) L-shaped pressure plates at the front and back of the fixed beam and the moving beam (to serve as a guide for the jaw clamping plate), and each of the eight pressure plates is fixed with 2 screws; each end of the movable beam has 6 screws; each 6 Check the tightness level of the screw drive chain once a month, adjust the position of the tension wheel accordingly (the lower part of the main body needs to be removed and stop), according to environmental conditions and frequency of use, stop smoothing the following parts every 3-6 months.

Before the horizontal tensile testing machine is verified, it must be strictly in accordance with the device requirements of the equipment to stop the reliable device. The alignment of the standard dynamometer should be accurate and reliable, to prevent tilt and eccentricity, and should be balanced and stable in the horizontal and vertical directions. If we want to extend the service life of the equipment, in our daily use, we must not only follow the operation steps of the equipment manual, but also pay more attention to the daily maintenance of the equipment. Only by taking both into account can the equipment work better.

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