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After being happy in a short while, the cloth master son suddenly thought of to haven't come yet and do a record.
Luckily these instruments can automatically keep a data.Pour also not afraid when the time comes all datas disappear, is precious this to it not easy of experiment to run to waste.
Just at this time, the caution light started to be bright getting up on ground of instrument.
"What is the row son?"The cloth master son ran over to look into and hadn't come yet and the close high pressure spirit Cang, the development slot that deposits to recruit soul Fan Mao ground a bombing open.
The reason that hears cloth cloth brush-off, leaf autumn almost the break into laughter voice come.
The grandpa is in the top can not, grandpa not at top all right?
The autumn of the leaf says with a smile:"We are just chat.Is the grandpa afraid of in the top?He disallows us to talk, your true at enmity with did I talk?"
"Have no."The body of cloth cloth still keeps tightly collapsing, two hands put on the thigh to rub, and the soft breasts rises and falls.A Qin person the You joss-stick send forth to open.The desire smelt inebriates.
The autumn of the leaf originally has no the meaning of that aspect, but cloth cloth this desire refuses to still face of the attitude on the contrary let his index finger greatly move.A heat flows to go directly to pubic region.Then flow out to pass by to the dust root place.
Although there is this kind of viewpoint, the body also had reaction, leaf autumn but know, this time is ability not is disorderly dynamic.The cloth master son is studying that ring in the top, slip away down lo lo towards ownly guarding against, perhaps and when secretly with him.
If the time that is busy, he suddenly runs down, that oneself isn't just frightenned by him impotence?
And, he still wants to consider for the cloth cloth.They ground first time** walk the ground isn't a moral path, is at very insecurity ground environment the bottom carry on, if again at this kind of environment come down with a run words, the whole process is all anxious, afraid cloth cloth hereafter all had**phobia.
Doing the ground is love, but not only just for the sake of the need of solution body.
None of 2 people talks, the atmosphere is some ambiguity.The autumn of the leaf can clearly hear cloth cloth nervous heart palpitates voice as the fawn, the breath also shows of rush.
The autumn of the leaf conjectures cloth cloth some charmingly feminine Qiao faces, and see the nose wing of having the close sweat bead from the on the side, say with a smile:"BE just thinking what?"
"Do not think what."Do not think what how can so nervous?I have no that kind of now viewpoint."The autumn of the leaf makes fun to say.
"?I also have no."The cloth cloth is rattled.It originally is not either to easily feel ashamed a ground of female kid.Don't know what is the row son, while facing a leaf for autumn, always easy enter to back to lose according to, Be different from is a normal person.
"Do you know what I am saying?"The autumn of the leaf squints Jing to smile.
"I don't know."The cloth cloth hurriedly shakes head.
The autumn of the leaf ha ha smile.Once stretched hand the shoulder of hugging the cloth cloth.The Wen Xiang nephrite goes into a bosom and even if no longer keeps on going deep into, is also a matter son that enjoys very much.
Cloth cloth ground the body Be also slowly soft to come down, no longer be like before so stiff.Lie prone an autumn bosom at the leaf, also make no noise to talk.
2 people are enjoying this rare of when the sweet is harmonious hear the explosion voice that the upstairs spread object.
"Grandpa?"Cloth cloth the autumn bosom climb and draw slippers to run for the dynasty upstairs from the leaf a while.
The autumn of the leaf also greatly treads to keep up with, if the cloth master son what trouble.He is also difficult to escape a relation.
"Cloth master son-----Master son----"The autumn of the leaf shouted in the laboratory doorway two, no one talks.Leaf autumn one feet to Chuai in the door of laboratory is past.
Unexpectedly and unexpectedly didn't kick away.The cloth master son knows that his experiment may have in danger and specially once reinforced to the door of laboratory.
The autumn of the leaf claps head and how forget own special features.
From the pocket in take out a thin needle object, go toward to lock one Tong in the bore, door lock the Mao Mao is a ring get up.The leaf autumn Ning opens the door to chase.Push door but go into.
Foul air in the laboratory, in still fill the air a kind of Qiang person's ground weird smell.There is still a kind letting people's breath feel depressive oppression feeling.
The autumn of the leaf immediately discovered a problem.Hurriedly ran over to close high pressure spirit Cang, open window, the air in the house this just resumed gradually as usual.

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