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  • cool handsome posture holds up ballDatum16.10.2020 04:16
    Thema von dsjerbbiter im Forum HTML

    Have been visiting the leaf jade tiger of Yi to get in the other party half time an extremely good of the opportunity probably is two classes of to descend and originally want to pour several more feet in field player's physique, the occurrence spread a ball mistake, the ball was falling a leaf jade tiger foot, at this time he is apart from the other party to forbid area only have the Yao of several rices, but he faces the angle of formation in the ball door very beneficial, the wicketkeeper is standing another side of ball door.
    When break continuously, necessarily be subjected to it disorderly, the leaf jade tiger shouts at top of voice:"The tiger shoots!"The ball disease soon flies toward ball door and anyway also too late put out by wicketkeeper the position of place, leaf jade tiger the hands grip, the heart concussion is thousand times.
    At this time one personal shadow is horizontal empty but, make the ball rushing toward miraculous of.
    Liao learns a soldier to involuntarily play to start, "dry must be good!"
    Wicketkeeper back to football, his distance and posture how also is not likely to touch to run into football, too cow?
    Leaf the jade tiger is careful on seeing, rush toward necessarily what to go into one ball is the No.5 of the other party rearguard ……his reaction make people stare tongue-tied!The field external appearance is many absolutely soon crary.
    The umpire blows whistle:"Forbid handball inside the area!The judge orders ball!"Produce a red card to punish that miraculous rearguard at the same time bottom.Four eye mumbling way:"The soul attaches a body, is really a soul to attach a body."
    The situation takes a sudden turn and develops rapidly and becomes two classes of to two years much more beneficial, this is before the match who can not anticipate either of matter.Three years a class of miniskirt the beautiful leg cheer section still work harder to call:"Three years 1 class always contends for 1 ……" but people's attention to them has already been presented by the fascinating Fen of game attraction, no longer see their one eye.
    Shell Xiao Dan one stem girl's bottom spirit start changing enough, the game still leaves for ten minutes, and they completely have opportunity comeback win.
    Order ball to have no to hang to read ground be punished into.The game fights 2-2 even.
    Old Liao really thinks to kill leaf jade tiger this time, aren't being my 4,500 pieceses money?That movable budget that is the old president to give, in case of lost to take what come to compensate?He embraces hands to stand present side, the facial expression is profound unfathomable, the ear is pleasing to listener the happy voice of four eyes, Chen You Nian and shell Xiao Dans joke, the heart doesn't know to is what taste.
    Imitate a Buddha the truth of football inscrutability is for the sake of the verification, again or three years a class of potential be completely stired up, lately be spread ball behind start a surprising high speed degree, once connected 3 people, Tu into forbid area.Meanwhile, are two classes of for two years forbid area to leave wicketkeeper and formerly the field hurtle to empress the field rescue of forward Li Yu, form the power of broad sword unclearly.
    Liao learns the soldier's mood to suddenly hang up, the hands hold into a fist, ground read a way:"Rise feet, shoot ball at goal, don't hesitate!Shoot ball at goal!"
    Four eyes say:"The forward is rearguard, simply good in Li Yu, the crest lives and gives me the crest to live!"
    Just for an instant, lately pick ball cross the top of head in Li Yu, oneself follows blunt caught the ball in the past, this kind of skillful of arouse the applause of one concussion over person's method.Seeing him will form with wicketkeeper one by one a list to pick, in Li Yu greatly hasty, charge forward to hold tight him, two hands by a happy chance hold tight what new shorts side Cape, come his pants draw down.
    What lately is exactly ex- blunt power, 2 people toghter trip over, the shorts are pulled down heel part, peep out fresh and red pants.The audiences hiss your work, the whistle of umpire also rang.
    What lately have to fall and hurt no matter, hands compete first the Wu live to hand over file position, the facial expression wants to be much difficult to see have much difficult see:"Feed, you this dead freak!Lao Tze isn't homosexuality, don't touch me, I like of female still present external appearance war!"
    It is a more embarrassed difficult speech in Li Yu, quickly release his pants.The field infield is outside full of willing to wound laughter.The leaf jade tiger has a fit a way:"You in the middle of Li Yu are this stupid pig, roll for me quickly!The forward isn't worthy to and wants to rob the position of rearguard!"
    Need not he rolls, umpire already the judge order ball and take out a red card punish in Li Yu bottom.
    Liao learns a soldier a surprised on feeling that the wager ball really isn't what person does suddenly, still little hereafter be stained with for wonderful, however he re-collect confidence again to three years 1 class now, dark way:"Stop worrying, in Li Yu, I will let you the language lesson pass examination.You are a big savior, football athlete's model."
    What lately not the Kui is a core of a class of field, having no to hang to read ground will order ball to punish into.
    This bottom the connecting four eyes also shout bravo for the performance of opponent, "this what lately kick is really beautiful, order ball to incredibly also learn a ball star to start to play'ladle'."
    Liao learns soldier's way:"That also uses to say, I see him is three years 1 class together inside reach, only didn't Xie Ding is just."
    "Teacher, is together reach inside, be not inside reach."Four eyes nowise show consideration ground to say.
    The score in nowadays is 3-2!Three years 1 class re- occupied leading advantage.Stage while plusing to repair, game still leave don't arrive for ten minutes, both parties at forbid putting together of area to rob very vigorous.
    Relatively what to rob an eye is two years two classes of medium field member of team, Lin Xiao, be willing to, he fat shape at in field peristalsis, will let each time near at the at present ball is from the feet side slippery walk, keep member of team Nu scolding.Opportunity to finally welcome a ball, but took over the ball sky, be responsible for rendering assistance of clock Bai spirit grow crazy:"Can't your his grandmother use a bottom crest?"
    Everyone's action range is more and more big, beat a beginning from"the tiger shoots" of the leaf jade tiger, everybody touches ball to all before want to shout at top of voice, for example what"decline a dragon 18 spades", "the razor shoots ball at goal", "the Lu mountain rises Long Chan" appear in succession.
    Liao learned a soldier to see Meng, this his Niang of is football or an animated cartoon?He starts to be dark great, time is less and less, see come from F is win settle!The God protects, I each one have to be meat-eating this month.If win money, I was a teacher, still advised the students hereafter don't wager ball.The wager club lets people have heart trouble of, if they don't want wager, much good with my contest carses.The one more thinks that my old Liao is model for others, how can I guide a student to gamble?!
    See a game again, feel two classes of because football very united of appearance, he starts thinking can is similar to the activity of football to combine in education, in fact education don't limit in the classroom, outdoor activity, even can stir up their ambitions in the outside of schools.
    He orders a smoke beginning bitterness to think.This kind of suddenly display come out of melancholy poet's qualities and noisy of ground formation mightiness anti- bad, always at the shell Xiao that silently observes him the Dan was foolish to live.
    The ball puts together to rob at both parties' member of team at this time under deviate to schedule to an orbit dynasty him to fly.The shell Xiao Dan shouts loudly 1:"Caution of the teacher!"
    Old Liao a surprised, suddenly start to come to, just thinking do a cool handsome posture holds up ball, didn't expect that unexpectedly is a Xu revolving of full strength ball ……bang of a , the ball hits on his face, the cigarette butt spark splashes, nose slowly run off a blood.
    Old Liao's heart almost flies a chest, consternation a short moment just distressly wipe nosebleed.
    The episode of this accident makes the outside inside the field be full of comfortable and happy air.The eyes of the masses are fixed on next bring shame, Liao learns a soldier to have to make a pretense of totally unconcerned poise and flicks to begin to blurt out:"Are a class of classmates for three years, encourage!Fight for victory!"
    The miniskirt beautiful leg cheer section pours to have the half the person to looking at him:"Two years two classes of form masters really have poise and incredibly still encourage a drum strength for our class."Whole school one student beauty, what lately like object Li Xing Hua to also feel this teacher too interesting.
    Still have the last two minutes!Two years two classes of classmates incredibly and more fight more brave, the situation turns in reverse and press ascend the half time of the other party.
    Two years 2 classes near force hard Cape ball.The Cape ball opens, it are a class of interior region that forbid area for three years to fall.

  • team aroundDatum16.10.2020 04:09
    Thema von dsjerbbiter im Forum HTML

    Because the ground winds and clouds changes Huan, the many people facial expression is uncertain cloudy or sunny.Liao learned a soldier to see the quantity on the notebook saying to four eyes:"Your gambling party still limits unlimited make to put up stakes?"All escorting is two classes of for two years, the total amount of amount of moneys is more than 5,000 pieces.
    "Is temporarily unlimited to make, not the teacher also escorts some money to come up everyone happy."
    "I can have no that carefree effort and go first toilet to say again."Liao learns a soldier on running to slip away and urgently and urgently find out a school of automatic cabinet member the machine give° the president in last time more than 4,000 of his movable budgets to take out to Chuai to run ground once again on the body.
    The circumstance is very clear and distinct, three years a class of offensive is like tide, there is also the obvious advantage that two balls lead, "beard plan, you open of compensate a rate is how much?"Liao learns a soldier to tremble a leg to leisurely and carefreely ask.
    "Are a class of to let for three years hemisphere, is also say, if the words of draw they lose on the whole, they are only clean to win ball's above a to just win on the whole."
    "Thus can't the meeting have never hanged to read too much?"
    Four eye titles hope him:"Teacher not is say that don't is wager?How to suddenly there is interest?So, I with analytical teacher the British Bo colourful company open the basis and rule that compensates a rate all of a sudden ……in fact the member of team whom we just want to encourage to take place.Winning is certainly good, lost and then consider as a precept."
    Three years 1 class has already inhibitted the other party in the half time, even the rearguards are all lucky to shoot several feet of front door, their wicketkeepers early lean on for the thoroughly bored in the doorpost last yawn to connect a voice.Old Liao dark Cun:"Hair pen small wealth can whole depend you.Anyway this helps a student in normal times inside big hand the big feet have plenty of money, I do so calculate not ascend cruel hand hot, consider as to confiscate their pin money, make them little to go out crazy.Also for the sake of they good."
    Again observation several minutes, secretly descend to settle idea, silently once pulled four eyes to say:"Beard plan, you not is dislike everyone escort one family tradition insurance too big?That I escort 1 class to let your insurance insurance for three years."
    "Does the teacher want to put up stakes how much ?"
    "So so next 4,500 pieces."Old Liao packs a totally unconcerned tycoon snob appeal as far as possible and clap one thick thick a fold banknotes.
    The girl who early has sharp-eyed sees, shell Xiao the Dan Be angry ground of to say:"The teacher is true mean, is still our form master, incredibly descend a noting of enemy!"
    "Too craftiness!"
    "Is unpardonable!"
    The girls shout in succession and hold a delicate fist of powder to want to beat mercilessly him, original purely and purely also annoy to Anne whom he has some good will the Qiao face hair white, "how can the teacher sell a class to surrender to enemy?Too nobody article!"
    "Cough!Cough!Words can not say so, the affair wants to divide front and back to judge."Saw make many Nus, Liao learned a soldier to hustle along to seek to lend for he or she:"The teacher does so for helping them, stir up their ambitions, make them understand, wanted to kick ball, only study hard, particularly is a language is this homework ……so, I also descend once our class note and consider as the encouragement to them, if this money won, I will take out to pay."
    He touches dress Dou and take out five hair money that wrinkly Ba expects to throw last in the table's top:" Descend so many, the teacher just worked and returned nothing important salary, this money represented my biggest intention, and I am to sincerely hope that they could win."
    Is public to all do a signal that despises to him, Anne purely and purely listens to him saying elegant and stately and helplessly thinking:"Teacher's returning is really shameful."
    Connect down, old Liao's idea completely tilts to one sides to three years 1 class, too anxious to they enter more ten several 20 balls and earnestly wish the empress defense line loophole of the class of oneself 100, so wager gold will more insurance.Whenever three years 1 class spreads fascinatingly good ball, old Liao even cans not contains any more to loudly drink colourful, ask for to win public support person to glare at to him.The Chen You Nian silently starts to copy wooden bench, as long as the etc. damned form master calls again the words of "three years 1 class I love you are like a big rice of rat love", executes right on the spot for the meeting he.
    The whistle that wins a field rest rings out, the players sweat sprinkles a Li underground field, the dress Jin has been already soaked through, the whole individual seem just from Shui-li get out generally.Also not much talk, the everyone raises a pure water bottle a burst of fierce infuse.
    "The jade tiger of Cui government, leaf they?I am about to point out their military tactics main theme."Liao learns a soldier wreath head four attend to.
    "Teacher, they take a rest in the locker room."
    "So, that I didn't harass them, let them analyzed their their owned mistakes in the dispassion."
    Second half field beginning, probably the players physical strength shortage, each other run already didn't first half field so quick, three years a class of offensive Be weak to come down, two years 2 classes are to infuse a lead like the leg and run an one step to walk three, that is pitiful vigorously make people seeing very anxious to up to strangle to death they.Liao learns a soldier secretly satisfied:"Delivered a horizontal wealth with frightening ease.Must change a new color television of set, there is also a full-automatic washer also making change one set, exactly 4,500 piece, how does my a person spend overly?"
    31 minutes while being second half, mutate on winds and clouds of dead atmosphere field, the leaf jade tiger takes ball breakthrough, at forbid area be tripped over, the umpire blew whistle to do a signal and signaled hint:"Order ball!"
    Grandstand one Hua however.They combine no objection to the point ball of judge and just marvel at two classes of for two years in the article of death anti- rush toward.Old Liao sneers at a way:"The in the article of death locust will also leap up to several bottoms, with Cui government Wang Long's level, be toward Buddhisms to all shoot not to enter.Hum, don't shoot for 90 minutes, little meaning."
    "Teacher, what you said is a national football team, not us class ball team."Chen You Nian interrupts a way.
    What lord punishes some ball is to receive a soldier.Under ten thousand many expectation, his noodles has no facial expression to trample the sod even, very careful put good ball."The manner with a little an occupation player, a little bit more careful assurance doesn't be on business wrong."Four eyes act as a temporary announcer.
    The umpire Shao rings and receives a soldier to jilt hair and helps to run 2, doing a blind personses can distinguish of very obvious leave action, Liao learns a soldier heart way:"Is too amateur!"Receive a soldier to pull out feet Nu to shoot, wicketkeeper judgment exactitude, however, the ball flee from his armpit, slowly rolled into a ball door!
    The match field is last one joys Teng!
    Be two classes of to is diligent after hard working for two years, rewrite a score to 2-1!
    Leaf jade tiger their morales be encouraged afresh, was used as into the hero of ball drive member of team around, to he with receive a soldier to mean a congratulation.Leaf jade tiger and He Xin as cockfight to see, eyes' blinking doesn't blink as well.
    Receive a soldier to is still noodles to have no facial expression, seem the matter don't close F.
    Old Liao's in the mind can a bit not great:"Are 1 class for three years, you this wants to contend for some spirit for bird hair, I escorted 4,500 pieces on you!That is the president's money, you don't see monk noodles also see Buddha noodles!"
    Two years the boy girl of two classes of view wars joys voice yell, shell Xiao Dan to old Liao connect stare several eyes, seem to be saying:"Play by ear!We the class will definitely win."
    Liao learns a soldier to sneer at not only, say:"Leaf jade tiger they henchman's excrement carried, however I think to smile to till the last isn't them.You see them that level, obvious is not on a file time with somebody else, the game still must is talked by real strenght of, you play by ear, we three years 1 class will launch violent backstroke right away."
    The shell Xiao Dan peeps out to believe earth's surface feeling and says:"Teacher Liao, you are absolutely a big rebel."
    Liao learns a soldier to smell embarrassed behind not already and right away dozen circle field way:"Cough, stand on more wide position to come up to speak, after all a class of all of 2 classes is together school, I am just a to see colleague to."
    The shell Xiao Dan gives a snicker to this parlance and turns head around to no longer take to manage him.

  • abnormal condition educateDatum16.10.2020 04:03
    Thema von dsjerbbiter im Forum HTML

    "Words although such, after all still keep coming to more than tens this class of girl, they mostly with Cui government they are relatively good friends with.
    The plate umpire has a roll call to confirm a number, the member of team take place, a Shao rings, Wang Long in front takes ball dynasty three years a class of ball door rush toward.Ring out shouting of a burst of concussion while ascending on the grandstand, a warming up of two classes of opposing campseses match warm degree exceed formal the game don't know how much.
    He soon drive the other party two member of team intercept, some kind of contend for robbing, protect ball on the whole steady be, pour the ball to from the behind and render assistance since then of leaf jade tiger.
    The leaf jade tiger receives ball behind in no hurry, observation situation, from medium the road break and once swayed 2 people and approached to forbid area, the on the stage audience loudly screams.But the other party once depended a figure, on hanging up a to take, ball on the tip of his foot.Leaf jade tiger big Hai, hurriedly and by hand and certainly notify that the teammate time defends.
    That person is exactly He Xin, spread to a medium field of ball, was cold to see one eye leaf jade tiger way:"The Huai grows does the courage play ball with me?"The leaf's jade tiger positive desire rebukes with sarcastic remarks, what lately and suddenly start, the speed is the quickest, if Yuan the shadow visited, the in a flash crossed a quite a few person.
    This kind of sprinting of abnormal condition speed leaf the jade tiger is too far behind to catch up, he a noodles hello intercept, one noodles oneself heel go up.
    What lately hurtle to medium the field catch the ball and poured several feet with the teammates, the ball returns to his feet again up, he has already gradually permeated two years two classes of empress defense lines at this time.Aring two classes of is like facing mortal enemy for two years, immediately rush toward to 23 rearguards, lambaste language in, the foot then doesn't stop to want to break him this to take the offensive, and imitating the Buddha what they faced isn't a classmate from the same field tournament, but invades a permafrost Alien.
    What lately just lightly smile two, the right foot falsely sways, football has already worn file but leads.The rearguard urgently and urgently returns overdo, what lately already Tu into forbid area.Ring out to in imposing arraily shout a voice on the grandstand area, mix up with acclaim and Nu to scold.
    Just so wear, expose two classes of for two years amateur must not ability again amateur ability and lax team spirit, the rearguard also wants to continue to outflank and attack, but lately have already been inclined to pass this class of a forward that high speed puts on the ball.Because he suddenly spreads ball in rapid sport, and is spread toward oneself after death, absolutely take no cognizance to defend several of his individuals, seem to be very ingenious, start to explode to more vigorously shout on the grandstand.
    The forward that receives ball doesn't treat to stop steady then and namely start to devote major efforts feet, the defense line form is together nominal after he is a class of for lax three years the position of place, football rows a curve and tightly wipes doorpost to fall into a ball net.
    1- zero!The game just started for ten minutes, three years and a class of 10th main forward bear all of the dollars forbade area to pull out feet to vigorously shoot, and wicketkeeper completely didn't respond, the pain lost one ball.
    All of the bear dollar after offending go into one ball brandish hands to loudly roar, the teammates then stick out thumb to him in succession.
    The field is outside joys voice thunder pain, but support two classes of people to all scold stupid person in the Nu for two years.Two years two classes of everyone facial expression have no light, Chen You Nian's hating iron more doesn't become steel ground hide a sun hat to fall off in the ground, call a way:"Make what airplane!Clearly and so didn't threaten of a record to shoot ball at goal to also defend not to live!"
    Afresh after the kickoff, the member of team don't already are dispirited, but the vehemence was more a foot.They the nature don't calculate a novice and just be in need of a match and neglected the gist be just drilled empty son by the enemy.Wang Long adjusts military tactics in time, momentary you come me to go toward and kick the fascinating Fen present.
    Four eyes aren't done know where make a notebook, say:"Old appearance, I sit a Chuang and starts putting up stakes now."
    Old Liao surprised way:"What, do you dare to openly gather to gamble?Again say, you can have how much sit a Chuang?"
    "I buy our class, 500 piece!"Chen You Nian who tightly stares at war situation draws out five bill to throw down.
    Four eyes stuck down his name amount of money and said:"For raising coagulating of our classeses dint, this is the most effective on recruiting, and also provide many fun and incitement.Teacher, you buy where does the side win?"
    Liao learns a soldier to shake:"I living to have no wager."
    Other a few boys laugh at in succession and all chase a wager's bottom 2 classes are at two years on.
    4:"Ha ha, you are to isn't silly, we the classes all fall behind one ball and return be pressed to beat, do you dare to also escort to note?"
    With what his words mutually reflect Chen BE, He Xin Yi records long spread breakthrough, another one person follows to shoot ball at goal, the ball beat on the horizontal beam to play to fly.Be really insurance it again nearly, let the owner pour to take out an air conditioner.Chen You Nian jumps feet to lambaste a way:"In the middle of Li Yu you this is silly to force forward, return to defend at once!Close Mu cloud, didn't you suck at breast today?Run so slowly!"
    The girls all feel sorry for ground to say:"See appearance us a class prospect not that optimistic."
    Four see toward them:"Do you want to put up stakes?Buy 1 class to win to still keep buying our class to win for three years?"
    Shell Xiao the Dan is inclined his one eye, clap a fold small change way:"I all of all pin money descend our class to win this month!"The hands synthesize tube-like in shape blunt field up shout loudly:"Cui government, Wang Long and leaf jade tiger-you must fight to excel, my wager you will definitely win of-!"
    She together head, the girls all before surrounding, loudly call encourage.
    Liao learns a soldier to whisper a way:"Not only is a football team, even the character margin of cheer section also good far."Put to three years the vision in a class of miniskirt appearance, not from feel enjoy to please the eye, the Ze Ze praises highly:"This is the real youth lovely, the everyone power is hundred percent, , the leg lifts very highly, white!"
    Four eyes connect a people's way:"To ah, the only shortage is a left Cape is that fatty old woman, a face pimple doesn't say, frighten the person's bulky leg completely broke whole pleasant impression, really it may be said a grain of rat excrement stirs bad soup!"
    Liao learns the shoulder that the soldier claps four eyes:"Beard plan, you pour to have a little meaning, I see me as long as putting forth effort to educate you for several years, you are definitely will become a qualified beauty connoisseur."
    Say in four eye bellies:"Who make the old abnormal condition educate."
    Three years a class of member of team fight more brave more, Tu into forbid area as if unmanned territory, towarding the ball door is to wildly bomb over deep-fried.
    Soon after He Xin is in another member of team's match again is a record ingenious shoot ball at goal, luckily wicketkeeper if have absolute being to help, rushed toward ball to come out.Ask for the scream outside the field is repeatedly.Support a class of for three years all excitement not already, Be optimistic about 2 classes all is rejoicing, say that wicketkeeper to have a little capability at least for two years, they have already just forgotten to think 18 the wicketkeeper whole family the ancestor digs grave whip corpse of scold words.
    See this class of player kick have a little bit a color, the condition is no longer so difficult to see, a lot of students for supporting this class of, all take out pin money to put up stakes to consider as support.
    "Fan Xue Ying, 500 piece.Anne is purely pure, 100 piece.Summer however, 200 piece ……his mama of, this but gamble, how do you all escort our class to win?"Four eyes finish recording number name to shout a way.When the banker most avoids as taboo all owners to escort yes a , so in case of appear what excrescent circumstance, compensate very easily lose capital.
    The viewpoint that adjusts him, three years 1 class at break two aggression of rare years for two years behind, start to beat to quickly defend backstroke, the famous forward bear all of dollar shoots into one ball again, two years two classes of owners all received, a short moment war whoop a roar of anger intertexture become one.Chen You Nian made to come to a big wash basin from the caf'e and worked hard to pound with the wood rod, the momentary threatening force was big prosperous, can also the difficult Yan drop the noodles of a top player if die ash.
    Leaf jade tiger again abashed again anger, saved for dear life heart, is just that the member of team match isn't high, he formerly the field hurtle to empress field, again from empress the field hurtle to front field, the many people are shaking head:"The coaches that connect an elephant kind all have no, complete wild blow a spirit, is entered two balls, great blessing of their life is big."

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