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On Monday Sam Reinhart Jersey , the Steelers leaked just enough of their final offer to running back Le'Veon Bell to make Bell look greedy and unreasonable. On Tuesday, enough additional information emerged about the proposed package to make the Steelers look disingenuous and delusional.

The news that the contract had only $10 million in fully-guaranteed cash means that Bell couldn’t have accepted it. And if his agent, Adisa Bakari, would have accepted it on Bell’s behalf Authentic David Pastrnak Jersey , Bakari probably wouldn’t have been an agent for much longer.

Bell already has, in hand, a one-year contract offer that will pay him $14.5 million fully guaranteed. Why would he commit to five years with only $10 million guaranteed when he can collect nearly 50 percent more than that and get paid market value in less than eight months?

It’s still not known what the Steelers would have paid Bell in base salary this year. That payment would have been as a practical matter guaranteed, because they wouldn’t have cut him before the start of the regular season. But unless it was at least another $10 million Jake Muzzin Jersey , why would Bell have traded a bird in the hand for a different bird in the bush?

The question throughout the negotiation process was whether the Steelers would make Bell the kind of offer that prompted him to swap $14.5 million and a path to free agency. Whatever the 2018 base salary, the Steelers didn’t come close — and they surely know it.

Which requires keeping a close eye on the possibility that, come late August, the Steelers will rescind the franchise tender before Bell can accept it.

The NHL draft is often being described as an inexact science around the hockey world. NHL scouts are seeing a lot of hockey games during the year and they are doing projections and list prior to every draft to try to find the next superstar player for their team. However Authentic Mike Cammalleri Jersey , for an unknown reason, some players who are drafted very high become very good player while other players who are drafted also very high in the draft and seemed great pick back at the time, become years later choices that some teams would wish to have never made.

Sometimes there are reasons that explained why the player disappoints like injuries or not enough chance to prove himself. When we are looking at聽30 NHL teams (without counting the Vegas Golden Knights, given that it's too soon to tell with them) we can see that every single team have at least one draft pick that they regret today.

This list will take a look back at every NHL franchise most regretful draft pick and players who didn鈥檛 become what their respective team was imagining when they drafted them. The list doesn't include the Vegas Golden Knights because they only participated in one NHL draft so far in their history and it's impossible for them to regret basically anything they've done in the past year.

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