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The Odell Beckham with a special guest Antworten

appearance by Lil Wayne interview raised plenty of questions for what Beckham said. There also were questions about how it all came to be.Per a league source , ESPN set up the interview directly with Beckham, without going through the Giants. The interview happened in New York City on Tuesday, Beckham’s day off.The Giants became aware that the interview was happening on Monday. They had no involvement in it of any kind.This sarcastic tweet from Giants spokesman Pat Hanlon regarding the interview seems to confirm that: “Wow, can鈥檛 wait!! Bet there鈥檚 some good stuff for the hot-take, cold-take world in there!!”While it’s not uncommon for interviews on radio and TV shows to be arranged directly with players or their representatives (especially on player days off), setting up a major sit-down interview that will create headlines in a not-positive way directly with the player entails some degree of risk for an NFL broadcast partner. If the Giants become sufficiently unhappy with ESPN , the Giants may be less cooperative when it comes to interviews and access that entail team involvement, especially in connection with Monday Night Football. The Giants also could complain to the league, which could be a sensitive subject at a time when ESPN generally seems to be trying to collectively reinsert its nose into the anal cleft of 345 Park Avenue.Regardless, while many of the Sunday Sit-Downs!聽take place with the team involved (and often with team P.R. present), this one happened either because the player reached out to do it or because the player was persuaded to do it. The question then becomes whether the message sent by Beckham was premeditated or simply the product of questioning that happened to hit topics that produced “honest answers” that were far too honest, far too candid Color Rush Riley Dixon Jersey , and far too potentially disruptive. What would a successful season be for the New York Giants in 2018? Before the season began that was a question that came up often. My definition, considering that the Giants went all-in on a 37-year-old quarterback with a closing window, was that the only way to consider the year a success would be for the Giants to reach the playoffs.Well, at 1-7 that obviously isn’t happening. Barring, of course, some type of miracle finish.So Color Rush Landon Collins Jersey , we are left figuring out whether or not any good things can come from the season, and why we should continue to pay attention.Well, yes some good things can still happen. There are lots of long-term decisions to be made and lots of information about the current roster to be gathered before those choices are rendered. Let’s look at 5 things to watch the rest of the season.Quarterback dramaHow many more games will Eli Manning start as Giants quarterback? Is there anything Manning can do during the second half of the season to convince the Giants he can be a viable quarterback next season? Is this the final stretch of Manning’s career? How much will the arrest of Kyle Lauletta last week delay what seems like his inevitable insertion in the lineup? When he gets his chance, will the fourth-round pick from Richmond show the Giants enough to keep them out of the quarterback market in the offseason?Quarterback drama will likely be the biggest story of the Giants’ final eight games.Saquon’s chase for historyRight pick for the Giants in the 2018 NFL Draft? Wrong pick? That’s pretty much irrelevant to this discussion. He is a wonderful player, and with 519 rushing yards and 497 receiving yards has a chance to join Roger Craig and Marshall Faulk as the only players in NFL with 1,000 yards rushing and receiving in the same season.Right now it’s hard to imagine anyone else winning Offensive Rookie of the Year honors.The new guysGM Dave Gettleman likes to say that roster building is a 12-month job Youth Sterling Shepard Jersey , and during the season the Giants have continued to try and upgrade the roster. There are three newly-acquired Giants we haven’t seen who will be interesting to watch over the final eight games.WR Corey ColemanCan the 2016 first-round pick by the Cleveland Browns rescue his career with the Giants? The Browns traded him to the Buffalo Bills in August. The Bill quickly gave up on him, and the New England Patriots cut him twice. The Giants have been searching for a third receiver. Can Coleman be the guy.G Jamon BrownThe newest of the new Giants, can the former Los Angeles Rams starter who was acquired via waivers last week, be one of the “hog mollies” the Giants so desperately need? It figures that the Giants won’t waste much time getting Brown into the lineup. Best guess is that Brown will be starting at right guard as soon as he knows enough of the playbook.CB Tony LippettWhen the Giants traded Eli Apple they filled his roster spot with this former Miami Dolphins cornerback. He has an eight-game tryout to show the Giants he has recovered from the torn Achilles tendon that cost him the 2017 season and can be part of their 2019 secondary.The “race” for No. 1The Giants currently have the No. 1 overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Where will they end up? Will they have a shot at Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert if he declares for the draft? Would they take it? The Giants’ draft position will draw a lot of interest over the next few weeks.Development of the young playersWe have already seen the Giants begin to clear the decks to get players like B.J. Hill, Lorenzo Cater, Grant Haley Alec Ogletree Jersey , Tae Davis and Sean Chandler added playing time. Much of the intrigue over the second half of the season will be to watch their development and see which guys can be part of the team’s future.

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