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11.03.2019 08:23
The rolling tide Antworten

The rolling tide, the surging tide, the waves rolling, the waves smashing the shore, standing on the soul of the country; hope, squatting with the new era. In the 21st century, the economy is developing at a high speed, the machine is booming, and the drums are re-embellished, just like the ephemeral movement, especially for the literary era, especially the essays, especially the "one stone provokes a thousand waves, surging." The police Zhong Changming hangs high Marlboro Cigarettes Website, the Chinese land laughs at Mr. Ying Lu Xun's essays, and the enthusiasm, the loud sound of Hong Zhong, if the guns are beheaded, hula la, the long sky is rolling, the Mercedes-Benz is swift, all throwing away to the enemy, the high era hurricane, wake up The Chinese people, determined to struggle, arduous and arduous, will stand in the world's east, standing in the world, standing up, becoming a majestic, arrogant, sturdy, heroic, vigorous, prosperous, great Chinese people, the road is really iron, but now step by step "Vietnamese", the birth of Fuxin China and the era of reform and opening up, our motherland, the heroes of the land of China, came out through hard work, hard work, hard work, self-reliance, courage to open up, and rushed into the battlefield. In just 69 years, it became the second in the world. Big economy, the earth is resurging giants, the masses of the people Both quality and cultural life and spiritual civilization have achieved brilliant and remarkable achievements. They are dazzling and bright, and continue to move towards more successful and prosperous territory. They do not destroy beliefs and souls. Every era, every wave, time is shining, and the wind is easy to die. , development and progress, progress and innovation, new things to overcome old things, often harmonious music Cigarettes Online Store, always bloom the main string, but the problem is also accompanied by the times, intertwined with opportunities and challenges, contradictions and entangled community Cigarettes Types, Although the maple leaf is red, although it is rejuvenated, advanced and ugly, justice and evil, it always renders dialectical thinking, and the relationship is maintained, and it is deep and profound... So, in such a tide, the mud and the sand make the new The era is advancing with the times, what should be? How to be self-sufficient, honest and honest; the imperial emperor, self-important, can not finish, a handsome cover ugly; still dare to face the society, face life, face their own bleak soul, we In the face of a new era, it is even more difficult to indulge, but should be leaping forward. "When the wind and the waves break, there will be times when the clouds sail to the sea." Constructing the charm of the text, the word ocean, the novelty and the unique taste of the new essays, and keeping up with the trend of the times, getting rid of the shackles of thought, stabilizing the pace, exploring the knowledge, the capacity, and creating more in line with the needs of the new era, the new era The new era style, the new era of healthy and harmonious essays, let us truly become a community of this great and magnificent destiny. In the new era of our walking, it is not that the essays are old and should be concealed; instead, they should conform to the torrent of the times. The things are silent and silent, let the articles merge into time, let the soul return to the natural and clear, keep pace with the times, care and become one, calm and calm, quietly cultivate, deepen fertile soil, constantly create the face of the times, echo the reality Wake up the knowledge, give thanks, and give back to the essays, let the singer sing the main melody, spread the positive energy, sing the true and beautiful, whipping the fake and ugly, making the stalwar more beautiful, the evil is more nowhere, and the core values ??of the new era are constantly being promoted. The pulse of the times, the spring of the world, highlighting the essay author should have the role of the times and value chasing Zall is unconventional, extraordinary and refined, praises the times Marlboro Lights Cigarettes, sings for the new life Buy Cigarettes Online Cheap, sings for the true nature, and continues to explode, for the Chinese nation and Chinese culture to be passed down from generation to generation, let the essays make meritorious deeds, create perfect and elegant fashion, noble and elegant, Magnificent, laid a long time monument here, I came out from the heart: a wave of waves! The new era still needs essays. This is our era, in the essay world, the vast and innocent essays write the author's voice! A realm has been promoted since ancient times, rumors traversing, in time and space tunnels, lingering, lingering!

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