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08.04.2019 10:45
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For the majority of the hometown, it is a place where children grow up in childhood Cigarettes 100'S. It is also because of the inner heart to the shackles of a certain place. The familiar fragrance in the air can be called the hometown of the soul. In my case, the hometown is the grandmother. soup. Hold the flour with your hands and wait until the flour becomes tough in your hands. Mix the noodles with chopsticks or hands into a wheat-like noodle, then cook in a wok. Add the appropriate amount of vinegar, salt, chopped green onion, and sesame oil. It is a home-cooked taste that I have been eating for twenty years and still love it Newports 100S Price. Just like a hungry stomach, a scent of braised pork fluttering from the window, you will also breathe a sigh of relief, as if you are not inhaling air but actually eating. It is no exaggeration, this is every time I go home, I saw the grandmother come up with soup, I heard that every taste of eating, like the tape recorded, from the taste buds to the mind. No matter how long the past, when the taste buds touched the taste again, the brain immediately turned over the storage of the year Marlboro 100S Carton. All about food, about people's memories, a brainstorming, with the taste of the feeling of occupies your thinking train arrived at the destination at 3 o'clock in the morning, it is the season of the late autumn, the clouds like naughty children scrambling cloth Full of the sky, I like the sweet and warm clouds like cotton candy. At this moment, I don��t like it. When the dawn of dawn has not completely unveiled the veil of the night, the car has reached the small size of my growth. In the town, under the help of the driver's master, the heavy suitcase was moved down, and the next road to the village was without a bus. It was a remote village where people living in it were connected to the outside world through their own motorcycles. In the past, I used to call my grandfather to pick me up. It��s too early to arrive today. I think the people in the village should still be asleep, accompanied by the sound of falling leaves and the sound of Juan Juan��s water, the picture of the dream. It is the genus of Liangtian Meichi mulberry, smashing traffic, chickens and dogs, yellow hair coveted, and happy. Faced with the beauty of peach blossoms, no one will be willing to break this silence. Dragging the suitcase, walking in the light of the dawn before dawn, even if there are three or three tombs of tombstones around, there is no timidity, and happily humming the little songs, quite a teenager's pleasure. I don't know how long it took, and a ray of light behind me illumined the road under my feet. When I heard the whistle, I was so scared. An uncle of the family was hospitalized because of his family and is now able to go home. Fortunately, I will take his ride. Fortunately, I have already eaten my heart and mind when I have not returned home. This is one of my favorite foods. It is made from cooked glutinous rice in a stone trough and made into a mud. Finally, it can be sprinkled on it. Sporadic white sugar, sweet but not greasy, soft and smooth, it will entangle between your teeth, and every inch of your mouth to a full adhesion. It's hard to describe that wonderful feeling, just as the place where you grow brings you the flow of blood, the incitement of thought, is hard to say. Now that I have eaten it, I will remember the words of the neighboring uncle who took me home. Everything we said, the coolness that he gave me, but still delicious. The sun rises slowly, the clouds are like colors, very red, when I think I am close to the sun, but it is not burned, I am just warm, just as he told me, 'don't be too twisted outside. Don't be afraid, timid, and occasionally pungent, it's also a way to protect yourself Newport Box 100S Carton.' I bought a train back to school tomorrow. My grandmother thought about giving me and my brother a corn ribs soup. When I opened the refrigerator, I found no corn. My brother proposed to use chestnut instead of corn. We all like to eat chestnut. The younger brother climbed to the tree and hit the stick with the hairy thorny ellipse on the branch. The chestnut we needed was hidden in the scorpion of the dense spike. Grandma wore a straw hat and picked up the total cockroaches on the landing Cigarettes Wholesale Price. I put it in the basket and I was responsible for picking up the nuts inside with scissors. Under the combined efforts of three people, a pot of chestnut ribs soup was released. Xu was because of the fruits of his own work. The younger brother was particularly energetic, and he continued to work with a bowl and a bowl. At that time, I realized the joy of working. Maybe I understood Thoreau. I understood his cabin in Concord and understood the vegetables and fruits growing on the lake. Of course, maybe I In the end, he could not understand his love for nature in his life, and he pursued the soul without any trace of dust. In the world, we may be able to relive the tastes of those who touch the heart because of the taste buds, and miss those who offer you the treasures.

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