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The north of the village, Liu Changyong��s accent is a Shanghai accent mixed with our local dialect. It is very difficult to understand. When we were young, we always like to imitate him. The adults at home are always not very happy. They are afraid that the children who are learning to speak will also have an accent. It became a "outside township". Liu Changyong's hair was shaved into the kind of hairstyle that had no hair in the first half. It is said that his family is a branch of the Qing Dynasty King's room. For this, he himself is not an old Liutou who is not our village. He fled from Shanghai in the famine year. The occupation is a blacksmith. Will use the iron sheet to roll a variety of everyday things, such as iron buckets, watering cans, horse spoons for drowning, and so on. A piece of iron sheet is like a piece of paper in his hand, and he is casually made into some of the living utensils of the rural people in the surrounding villages, compared to the very crude products of the traditional Li-blacksmiths. The instrument he made has the beauty of appearance and also has a hint of aura. Before this, the village used a bucket of wood hoops on the weekdays. It was probably a thin iron ring that Lee Blacksmith knocked out with a hammer in the village. In addition, the wooden strips cut into round shapes are used as the bottoms of the strips, and the strips of the strips are hooped by the iron rings to make the barrel rings. The weight of the barrels, the weight of one pair of barrels exceeds the weight of one bucket of water, which is very cumbersome to use. And after a year and a half, I always have to spend money to make up the bucket. The tin bucket is different, light and easy to use. At that time, there was a piece of Liu iron barrel produced by Liu Shi in the surrounding ten miles and eight villages. I followed a group of curious little friends to the cave of his home. This is a south-facing courtyard. There are three holes in the front of the cave, and there are small flowers in our yard that we can't name. Unlike our locals, in the open space in the yard, we plant some vegetables such as leeks, radishes, kidney beans, pumpkins, and so on. It looks like it is different. The kiln is a blacksmith's studio, which has a workbench with various shapes of sickles Marlboro Red 100S Carton Cheap, hammers, pliers, scissors, clips, vise, and tools for senior fitters. He first uses special scissors to iron the skin. Cut it according to the pattern, knock it out and hit a beautiful iron iron bucket, and then shout with the less familiar local dialect mixed with the Shanghai dialect, and put some water into the bucket in the side tank. In the inside, the sealing effect is very good. Actually, it is really dripping. I received the remuneration in the exclamation of the people in the town. The face on his face was light and he continued to do the next job. The old man made by Liu Laotou also looked good. The size can be customized, or you can owe money first. Therefore, the traditional wooden barrels in Shili Ba Village are almost completely replaced in two or three years. The old wooden barrels are burned and the iron rings on the barrels are used by the friends. With the village running, the boys have a hoop to play. Many people are coming to find him to do some living. The days of the old Liu family are very hot in our local area. The country��s material resources are extremely Missing, the little friends have nothing to play with. It is go to his house to pick up some of the triangular or circular abandoned scrap metal as toys. I twisted the iron sheets into various strange shapes by hand, scared each other, and played with each other. Sometimes the corners of the iron smashed the hands and bleed, and it was totally inappropriate. Sprinkle the loess on the wound to stop bleeding, and then play in the remote northwest loess ditch. Liu Changyong from Shanghai took his two sons to live alone, so in his knocking and knocking, two The son grew up slowly. The two sons who grew up can only understand Shanghai dialect and have never spoken Shanghai dialect. From their clothes, their habits have not seen any relationship with Shanghai. Their father and son took root here and lived in the remote, and the villages with backward traffic turned out to be the place where they escaped. In the age of the big pot, all the things of the old Liu family were confiscated. Lao Liu and all the people were on the loess slope. Uplifting the terraces and eating the big pot of rice, Lao Liu used the sickle's hand and switched to the latte milling, the iron shovel, and dig the stalks with the gang every day, listening to the instructions of the top leader in the broadcast, and lively suppressing it. . On the way to earning a job, the roadside is a doll with wheat straw. The name of "Liu Shaoqi" and "Deng Xiaoping" is written with a brush. The village cadres and militia supervise all the farmers who work every day to the two wheatgrass. Spit, the village people obediently spit on two people who had been smeared to the chairman, and went back to eat a big pot of rice. It was the turn of the old Liu, the old Liu did not spit, the militia took the iron-milling super old Liu leg up, and the old Liu stalked his neck and walked away. After three days, Lao Liu��s leg smashed three times of iron milling, but there was no slamming. Later, the village captain could not bear it. Every time, let Liu Liu clean up the red flag, horn and other objects in the venue after the group��s work. You don't have to go to the mouth, the team leader said privately that this Shanghai �� is a "hard slut", and it is gone. When I admire it, I can see that he is different from the crowd. In the unanimous opposition of his family, he married his own son to this foreigner with two children. Later, when contracting to the household, they were given the same land according to the treatment of the villagers. They reported to the account as the game, 30 years in Hedong, 30 years in Hexi, and the old people who lived in the loess �� married women. The daughter is married to the people of Chuandao. The people of Chuandao are close to the water source. The crops are better than the others. The days look very good. After the 1980s, the traffic is good, the road is smooth, and the days are better than those of the Sichuan Road. However, the traffic in Sichuan Road is inconvenient, and it is not easy to go out. The days are getting worse than others Wholesale Cigarettes Free Shipping. After the 1990s, the daughters of the Kawasaki family married their daughters. It��s all like a reincarnation. All of them are turned upside down. The time is up until around 1997. The news of Hong Kong��s return is played on various TV stations. I was on the first day, and Liu Changyong��s second son of Shanghai came to the village. The news is more news-oriented for the villagers than the return of Hong Kong. At this time, everyone knows that the foreigner in Shanghai originally had a wife in Shanghai, and Liu Changyong worked in a large factory to work as a fitter. The family had three children. Later, I didn��t know why I was expelled from the factory for any reason. The family couldn��t open the pot. Liu Changyong only took the boss and the third child went out to discuss life. So all the way to our northwest, the local woman was born. The daughter settled in the local area. Since then, she has never returned to Shanghai. Until the second child of Liu Changyong��s family and his mother were thrown into Shanghai Buy Newports, the mother and son who have no income have been begging in the alleys of Shanghai. Time, time has changed a lot of things, time has passed, Liu Jia, the second child in Shanghai, because of the Shanghai hukou, there are also old houses in Shanghai Cheapest Cigarette Cartons. The days are getting better and better, my mother died, and I didn��t wait until my father��s father came back. When I got married in adulthood, I didn��t wait until my father��s father came back. Although I still remembered to remember the old man who was far away from home. Father, but Liu��s second child still couldn��t help but find Liu��s second child who had gone through all kinds of sufferings. He walked through the cave where his father Liu Changyong lived, walked through the country road where his father had walked, and walked to his father��s grave. Liu The second child cried, crying in front of the grave, saying that the locals couldn��t understand the Shanghai dialect. At the end, Changtoutou, all the money from the body was given out to the boss who still lives in the village. Third, the head does not go back. Goodbye has become a holding of the loess, my father is gone, all hate has gone, and Liu��s second child has never returned. Lao Liu, who drifted from Shanghai all the way to the loess of the northwestern loess, could never return to the big Shanghai in his dream. He slowly turned into a dust in the yellow land of the northwest. Now, every time he returns to his hometown, In the village, there are elderly people who have met with flowers and fled from the field and settled in our village. When they say hello, their voices still carry their inherent strong accents. Far from the Shanghai accent, there is a Henan accent, near the same province but in a thousand miles away, Zhang Wei, a mighty accent, and the other foreigners left behind are just women, that is, from Henan at that time, The Gannan Tibetans, the people who fled in the north of Zhangye and Wuwei, only their daughters stayed in the local area. The specific reason is self-evident, only because they are no longer hungry, continue to live, and marry the local farmers. Just to have a bite to eat, time has erased the suffering that they have suffered from their faces. They have children in the local area and lived in the local area. I also asked them if they thought about going back to them. The birthplace, the old people are a sad face, most of them say a word, few are speechless, immediately transferred the topic, this sentence is: can not find a way. The elders who brought them out to escape the wasteland gave them to the local peasants for their livelihood, and the elders and brothers did not know that they had flown to the place with the food they exchanged for them. Hate? The old man shook his head and wiped a bit of muddy tears. He no longer made a sound. For them, the hometown will always be a place where they can��t go back, and the foreigners who landed seem to feel better than the local natives. They are extremely humble. They will always call others uncle when they say hello to people of the same age. Why did so many people in such a big place come to such a remote place, it is not good traffic, remote When all the wars and famines occurred, no one in the backcountry was concerned. The people here were still stuttering. So in that era, like the hometown of Qingyang Marlboro Red 100S For Sale, there were many people fleeing in the neighboring northern Shaanxi. The current situation is like a football game. No one will always play at home. Before, Liu Changyong took two children from Shanghai to walk to our northwest to discuss life. Now, Liu Changyong��s nephew, grandson and us are located in the northwest. Most of the indigenous people came out, went to Shanghai, Shenzhen to live in these places, and started a new round of wandering. We are like the ancestors, but also a small time on this timeline. Small dust, running around for life every day, no matter how embarrassed, but now it is calm. I hope that we all have a hometown that can go back now!

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