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2015 is of great s Antworten

2015 is of great significance to every boy born in the late 80s and 90s. Twenty years ago, there was a Japanese anime that swept the whole of China, deeply affecting the growth of two generations of China. The exquisite and beautiful style of painting, the ups and downs of the story, the tears of the feelings, brought great shock to the youth at that time. It is the representative work of Masami Masami. "Saint Seiya" I believe that many people are familiar with this anime, and it has accompanied us through the whole childhood, especially when the title song "Famousia Fantasy" sounded, the huge Pegasus San When the clothes rise from the horizon, almost every boy��s heart will be inexplicably excited. In the story of "Saint Seiya", the core is to attack the Golden Zodiac, five bronze Saints, to pass the test of the horrific people of the Golden Saints, and finally save the goddess Athena. As a symbol of justice and power, the Golden Saint is also relatively perfect. The Golden Saint, corresponding to the zodiac, corresponds to the constellation attributes, such as: Aries Mu, gentle and kind; Gemini's Saga, typical personality split; Leo's Aiulia, character is awkward; Virgo Shaka is as perfect as God. The only alternative is the Des Musk in Cancer. The cruelty of the evil is very different from the innocent and kindness of Cancer, which is unacceptable to many people. In fact, Desmusk reflects some deep features of Cancer and the unknown dark side. Below we will analyze layer by layer. How is this Cancer fall first? Cancer is a simple, relatively naive constellation. Like Aquarius, Aries and Pisces, although the feelings are delicate, the intuition is sharp. Cancer in life usually has a good relationship because they are not okay, good and compassionate, but they are easily deceived by others and used by others because they are vulnerable to infection and agitation, and they are unwilling to struggle to explore . They are more willing to accept a ready-made answer. The laziness of Cancer is reflected in thinking, too lazy to think and change. In "Saint Seiya", when Desmusk faced the question of his own teacher, Tonghu, why did he chase after them, his answer was very simple, the pope told me to do it, you ask him. It is. Dissmus will not consider the reason for doing this because he feels very troublesome. This is undoubtedly good news for the Pope because he has a handy tool. So some unpalatable tasks fell on the head of Cancer, such as chasing Seiya. Secondly, Cancer has a strong sense of inferiority Cheap Cigarettes, and this feeling of inferiority seems to be born. In reality, Cancer people are often able to be kind and amiable. They are very tolerant to friends and even strangers. They are not ruthless, but they are somewhat harsh on themselves Newport 100S. This kind of rigorousness has gradually evolved into a strong inferiority. There are many factors that make Cancer inferior. For example, lower scores, poor performance, and even appearance can make Cancer fall into deep inferiority. Especially Cancer girls, even a casual blame, will crush their fragile hearts. . Cancer is very weak. Under the seemingly hard outer shell, it is a weak limb and a sensitive mind. In Saint Seiya, Desmusk��s body is inferior, but he shows it in another form. Is extreme pride. People with low self-esteem are always eager for honor and praise, eager to be recognized by others. Such a person's casual praise, he will be happy for many days, and even proud of it. In the plot, there are four people called the strongest gold Saints, one is Saga, known as the demigod; the other is Shaka, the recognized man closest to God; followed by Aeoria, with explosive power; Finally it was Desmusk. The title of Des Musk, the strongest gold Saint Seiya, was said by himself, and it is said to have originated from the Pope. Des Musk's combat power is not high, which is an unqualified warrior in the eyes of the violent gold Saint Seiya. We can't speculate on what kind of mentality the Pope said when he said that, maybe it was a casual approval, but it was a great encouragement to Des Musk, which made him regain his confidence, and he was also faithful to the Pope Newport Cigarettes. Oh, even doing evil is not hesitating. When Che Tianzheng designed this role, he revealed some hidden information, such as Desmusk, the English pronunciation is DeathMask, meaning the death mask. In the plot, the Cancer Palace is full of people on the ground, and the strange and gloomy atmosphere fits this name very well. The mask also shows that the last dark trait of Cancer is camouflage Online Cigarettes. Cancer has a strong camouflage, the giant crab in life, gentle and gentle, is a modest gentleman, but deep inside, but has a very wild, violent side. People who have been in contact with Cancer for a long time will find that Cancer is rarely angry, but once it is angry, Cancer will become terrible and even cruel. We can't imagine what a burning crab looks like, but it won't be the same in the steamer. The goodness and sunshine of Cancer are directly proportional to his evil and black belly. If you push the Cancer to the corner, he will fight back in a lightning-fast manner, and the means are very skillful. However, the evil of Cancer is not his essence. After the anger is over, after the restoration of reason, the good nature will gradually emerge, reflecting a sense of repentance. In "Saint Seiya", Desmusk finally refused to repent, and Cancer Saint clothe betrayed the owner because he violated the original nature of Cancer. This is only one time in the story of the Saints. In a sense, Cancer is a kind and fragile constellation. They are not very aggressive. They only have a thick armor to arm themselves. They are deeply embarrassed about their inner darkness and low self-esteem, even though they Did not do anything wrong. Cancer is not suitable for living in a world of great competitive pressure and violence Cigarettes For Sale, like Des Musk, if not a Saint, living in Sicily, Italy, maybe a poet, or a talented artist, foodie. For the big crab, the happiest thing, maybe at the beach at night, against the huge moon, spit out the bubbles in your mouth.
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