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17.06.2019 05:10
It is cumbersome Antworten

It is cumbersome and painful; it is simple and makes people happy. Mentality, the simpler the person, the more happiness you have. --- Inscription tired of people's feelings of cool, see through the world warm and cold, thinking that the hot heart began to cool, I do not know, not the heart is cold, but the years have been grinding the mind, we become indifferent, learned to be quiet, learned Quietly in the shadows, precipitate a leisurely state of mind. Do not expect prosperity, just ask for the lightness of Yunjuan Yunshu, soothing and happy like water, keep a city that can make you happy, let the spirit have a sense of sorrow Marlboro Gold, stay away from the hustle and bustle, close to Qingning. I am used to casual life, casual but not casual, casual is a kind of time. When someone asks me about it, okay? I will say it very well with a smile. Good and bad, you have to live. The factual life is originally a book, placed in the hands of different people Newport 100S, and the understanding of reading will be different. Life is a feeling for yourself. Life is a big book. The author and the reader are all you. You don't have to expect everyone to understand. It is a kind of satisfaction that one or two people read you seriously in life. A kind of happiness, after all, friends are easy to get, and it is hard to find a friend. Life, not to show who to show off, and who does not need to pity? Others envy you, others sympathize, it is only a moment of time. Show off for a long time, and it will be numb for a long time. Life, after all, is to feel for yourself. A person's life, health, peace, love and care of family and friends, God's care is enough for life, not so much sweet and unwilling, as long as alive, is happy, as long as alive, is their own hero . Being alive is an attitude towards life. Maybe a lot of things, many people can't think about it, then don't think about it, think about it, don't want it, no matter how beautiful, or how bad it is, it will not be able to bring tomorrow's time. The only thing is to have a good moment. Don't waste time, waste your life, and cherish it. Let every one today, live a comfortable look, bloom your own wonderful, live a solid life, live happily and enjoy dinner with many colleagues tonight, I feel very happy. Party, for me, is a strange word. In addition to busy business, I like the quietness of a person. I am used to living in a small world of words, listening to music, waving ink, intoxicating alone. enjoy. Feel free to express your feelings, music is the lover of words, tea is the other half of the text. In the text, I feel the beauty of a glimpse of the glory, in the text to come to a gentle exchange of their own soul, beautiful people's wind and light, long water. I haven't been drinking for a long time. Today, because I am happy, I am also happy to drink a bottle of beer. My heart is joyful, full of emotions, and my emotions are infinitely full. Because I see that everyone is not restrained Marlboro Lights, they are free to communicate. At the moment, they are all simple friends. There is no competition in the business field. It is such a simple and warm gathering. Nowadays, there is really a lot of warmth between people, and many of them are contacts based on the premise of interest. I really don't like this kind of communication. I always like it simple, just like the party tonight is as simple and simple as it is. No matter how others look at it? For me, it was a happy dinner. At least I used a simple heart to sincerely and sincerely feast. There was no vain and false feelings. When the party dissipated, along the way, I was silently thinking, if everyone is so simple to live, there is no intrigue, greed, drunkenness, how to communicate with each other, how happy and happy, relaxed and comfortable! For me Cigarettes For Sale, when people are alive, they should have a simple heart, simple to bloom like a flower Online Cigarettes, without distracting thoughts, in their own world, bloom into a beautiful appearance, exude their own unique taste. You reward and not reward, love and not love, you hurt, or do not hurt, smell, or do not smell, are still in their own way to bloom in her own season. In the wild, in the countryside, on the roadside, in the garden, wherever rooted? As long as there is soil, sunshine, and rain, nothing can stop me from blooming. Everywhere she has a simple and happy figure, standing in the wind, standing in the rainy season, standing in the hearts of her people.
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