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19.06.2019 09:57
Dreams, as the Antworten

Dreams, as the name implies, are a very beautiful, but not necessarily fulfilling Newport 100S, expectation. But dreams, not only must dare to think, but also have the determination and courage to fight for it. As a Taurus, I treat my dreams like a weak-shoulder Sagittarius and a three-minute hot Aquarius Carton Of Cigarettes. I haven��t remembered when it started. I have always been regarded as a good student by my teacher. The ground is separated from the original track, and it is a bad student who has lost his motivation in learning and lost his way in many difficulties. How many times before I was close to the exam, I suddenly remembered that I hadn��t reviewed it yet. At the beginning of the school, I rushed to make up the homework. But I didn't want to take it soft, I gave myself high expectations again and again, but in the end I got another disappointment. I did not have much hope for myself, but I was surprised by the expectations of the junior high school entrance examination. I went into the most famous middle school in the country and I was young and ignorant. I thought that young is ours. Now the only capital that exists, youth should be profligate. I don��t know, youth, I can��t afford to spend countless sleepless nights. I have thought about it: Who should live for life? A few words have plagued countless people. Some people say that people live for their parents, because they have worked hard for us for most of their lives; others say that people are alive for their children, because we have accompanied them for most of their lives; others say that people are alive, for the sake of society, for this. A beautiful society! In a simple sentence, I suddenly became silent, quietly began to think, looking directly at the road that pursued my dreams and slammed my head into the middle school, confidently full; lush years Newport Cigarettes, profligate; suffered Strike, it hurts. The last fight, the name falls Sunshan! The world often said that failure is the mother of success! But the exams that followed one after another were all frustrated. Reality, I finally erased my last point. Looking at the students who were excited about the banquet after learning the results, and preparing to banquets for family and friends, I could only suppress the despair in my heart and force myself to send them the most sincere blessings with the most brilliant smile. Nowadays, I finally understand that when people are alive, they should bear the brunt of living for themselves. Only by doing yourself first can you take care of your parents, accompany your children, and return to the society. When you still remember, your family and teachers will always ask me: What is your dream? I will always tell them with confidence that I have no dreams! If you must have it, then you will have something to eat when you want to eat, and you can enjoy it when you want to play! Today, whenever I talk about my dreams, I will always tell them very seriously. I only hope that in my lifetime, I can take care of you, the people I love, travel all over China, the whole world, and eat all kinds of food! Some people may think that this is not a dream at all Marlboro Red, but can only be regarded as a goal. But even so, I still want to use this precious youth to make a gamble and bravely pursue this dream that is not a dream. Dreams still have to be there. If you have a ghost, even if life gives me more difficulties, I don��t want to admit defeat Online Cigarettes. Because my life journey is still very long, I still have time to adjust my status. Three years ago, I lost. In the next three years, I will definitely not give myself the opportunity to admit defeat. 'I would rather be the most ethereal person who has dreams of human beings and has the desire to fulfill his dreams. The greatest, no dreams, no desires.' When I was young, I saw a sentence that was inadvertently the most authentic portrayal of the world at this moment. When the time passed, people changed and things changed. All I can do is to try to keep this most original and simple heart in the difficult situation and bravely pursue the dream that is far from me.

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