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27.06.2019 10:35
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There are always people in the world who missed the last bus but didn't know. At 8:34, I stood at the station and watched the 1 road pass Newport 100S. I accidentally stopped the car. When I signaled it to stop, I approached and missed it. Somewhat awkward - the driver was waiting for us. It was still raining in the sky, and in fact it had already had several heavy rains. I don't remember the weather forecast saying there will be showers today, but fortunately, I remember carrying an umbrella. Mother holding an umbrella, standing next to me, she does not care, in fact she is convinced that there will be a 2-way car, and I have been worried that the missed class is the last bus. I frequently took out my mobile phone to see the time. Other buses passed by in front of me. I wanted to go up and be stopped. The mother is very determined. She usually saw 2 roads when she was on duty at the supermarket. So this became the only reason we were standing at the station and being blown by the wind Marlboro Lights. In fact, the 2 roads only sent us one more station than other buses. If we took the original 1st road, it is estimated that it has already arrived at the door, and the car is very empty. People always want to find the best in the subconscious, but letting go of a better pass just missed the perfect, always. The rain is not big, but I am in a hurry. It��s almost forty, but I still haven��t seen the 2nd road. We��re going to go on the 11th road, but I��m thinking about going and giving up Cheap Cigarettes. I stopped the stupid movement of the mobile phone, standing in the air, I am very cold. I don't really care about anything, but my heart can't help but feel anxious. I am even afraid that if we go down this way Carton Of Cigarettes, we will wait until all the buses are off work, and we are still stupid. The two girls next to me also looked anxious, but we are not all the way. The mother also began to be anxious. "I knew that it was better to sit at the beginning of the class. It also deliberately stopped waiting for us Cigarettes For Sale." Yes, it was deliberate because I accidentally took the wrong hand. The wind is getting bigger and bigger, I simply kneel down and hold my legs. In the far side of the darkness, there is a "2 way" of fluorescent light. Ah, finally, a group of people squeezed up. This 2 road is very crowded, and compared with the missed, the air seems to be a lot of turbidity. The mother complained in the car. "Hey, I know that I have to take another car. It is especially easy to get dizzy when I sit on the 2nd road." I don't return, "That's it."
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