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11.07.2019 04:01
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Throughout the ages, the Chinese people have paid attention to the fate of the word, such as the husband and wife are fate, friends are fate, colleagues, neighbors and even pass by are fate. Born in the same era, living in the same city is also a fate. In short, in our Chinese concept, the fate is that the ubiquitous book is the ladder of human progress, the lifelong companion, the most sincere friend [Gorky]. Reading makes people's vision broad, reading can make people understand, reading can distinguish between right and wrong, reading can improve their self-cultivation, reading is both comfort in adversity, and can keep people awake when they are in good times. It is because of the book that the world is freed. Ignorance and ignorance. Our heart is no longer a blank Marlboro Cigarettes. It is because of the book that we can know how to avoid repeating the mistakes of our predecessors. It is precisely because of the book that we have a colorful color in our inner world. There are many people who read in this world Newport Cigarettes Coupons, no one counts, how many books there are in this world, no one can count, even if you live forever Are reading. How many books can I read? The couplet of the ancients Su Dongpo: I know the words of the world and read the books of the world. Now it seems that it is just a neat couplet. The book on earth can be read Parliament Cigarettes. "Reading a good book is like paying a friend." People's life, time and energy are limited. If you do not choose to go to school Cigarettes For Sale, you will waste a limited time Marlboro Gold, and your life will not be too helpful. The book that can resonate with you should be yours. s Choice. Scholars have books that they like very much, so you have a relationship with books and books. Scholars have different experiences, different experiences, different regions, and different cultural cities. But this does not hinder reading, but the orientation is different. Books that are not with you may be just a tip of the book. After a short time, it will be erased from memory. Even if it is a famous book, what about it? [Abandoning cultural factors] If you have no fate, even if you are in front of you, even if you have read it, you will not be moved. Because you can't resonate with the book. The book that has a relationship with you must have something that touches the depths of your heart. When you read a book that touches the depths of your heart, you will carefully appreciate the truth. When reading a novel, she worried about the fate of the protagonist in the book and was indignant at the protagonist's experience. When you shed tears for the same experience as the protagonist, you are in the book, you are the book, the book is you, for a while, I don��t know if the wonderful work of the book touched you, or because of your emotions. Make the book more exciting. You communicate with the book, the book and the heart between you, this is the book of your book, the book and your fate: each reader has a book that is particularly close to him, although some books can not remember how much you read. All over, but still put the book at your fingertips, sometimes unwittingly touch the book with your hands. The degree of love can be seen. I remember that an article once said: In the eyes of the readers, the books that belong to them, each with a soul, are lovers with a soft spot. Even surpassed the fate of a lover, as if it were part of his life!
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