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27.06.2019 10:35
Chatting with my frien Antworten

Chatting with my friends today, she told me that the boss of the noodle noodle restaurant next door was dead. I was a little shocked. Yesterday I went to him and ate a bowl of noodles. How come? I am not old, I am in my thirties, and my body is as strong as a cow. I can't believe it. The friend said it was true, the heart attack was sudden, and no rescue was coming. I am speechless, my heart is not a taste, the mind shows that the boss holding a dough, using a knife to skillfully cut noodles, I still do not believe, and then look at the door of the noodle restaurant is closed. Maybe it's often sick. I often think of death. Maybe one day, I will suddenly wake up. It has been a long time. In my heart, I have become more calm about death. I think death should be A relief. However, when a person who has nothing to do with him suddenly went Online Cigarettes, my heart was uncomfortable. When I remembered going to high school, after the death of the teacher of the class teacher Bai��s wife, I went to see the teacher, at that time. When I knocked on the door of his house, Mr. Bai sat alone in the sofa in the living room, did not turn on the lights Cigarettes For Sale, and did not see him for a few days. The whole person was a lot older, his unshaven, his face, a pair of bloodshot eyes. The eyes make people feel sad. Teacher Bai told me that his wife has been suffering from epilepsy for many years and has been in good control. On that day, he only went out to the toilet, but when he came back, his wife curled up in the corner of the wall without breath, and said tears could not flow down. On the table is a picture of his wife, surrounded by black gauze, I bowed to pay homage, thirty years old, beautiful face, I still remember. "Be sure to cherish the people around you. No one knows what will happen next minute. Don't let your heart leave regrets." Teacher Bai's words are always engraved in my heart. In 2005, the 15-year-old little nephew went to have a brain tumor. At that time, I was seriously ill. I thought that it would be enough for my 30 years. I will go and let him live a healthy life Marlboro Cigarettes. How can you die if you can die? My heart hurts and hurts. I don't dare to look at my sister's painful and deformed face Cheap Cigarettes. I would rather go to me! Those who have gone are free, can they live? The pain will always stay in my heart and think back to the 5.12 earthquake. In those days, my daughter and I sat in front of the TV every day. The scenes of the disaster relief, the tears in our eyes have not dried up, and the daughter is crying, for her young mind. The pain of being overwhelmed, too cruel, I will not let him see, but she must insist on watching. Life is so vulnerable in the face of natural disasters. In the twinkling of an eye, life and death are separated. In the past, the so-called grudges, the so-called gains and losses, the so-called pain, compared with the passage of life Newport 100S, what is it? The Yangtze River shipwreck, 432 lives left, few people are born, this is a pleasant trip, but it has become a life-and-death decision, no farewell, no wave, everything happens in an instant, life is hidden in the sound of the waves , suffocating, dark, cutting all the memories of life and the world, and what remains the next minute of pain in the life of the living? We can't predict what will happen next minute? We are already in a difficult position to control, but at the moment, what I want to say is that we are still alive, cherish it, and have been repaired by the same boat for a hundred years. The millennium has a total of sleep, and all encounters in the world, acquaintance and even know each other are for a reason, hard to come by. What is a fame and fortune, life does not bring, death does not bring, not a smile in life, a trace of care, a greeting, let us cherish the people in front of us, cherish everything we have, grasp the moment, even if what happens in the next minute, we No regrets
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