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26.07.2019 05:26
You stand on the bridge Antworten

You stand on the bridge to see the scenery, I look at you through the window, the scenery decorates your eyes, you decorate the dreams of others, can not exist in isolation, is a beautiful value, I chose to escape does not mean that I am weak. I don't even dare to miss you seriously, because it hurts deep, my heart will flash your face, dead body, people are cold and cold; therefore, I don't think about you, I smile and tell myself not to I don't even know how to remember, because looking back on the past, just like a vast, innocent sky over a lonely geese, a scene emerges in my mind, boring, people suppress suffocation; I don't even understand why life is so Wolverine, because of the impermanence, like the bright sky of June, the flying frost suddenly appeared, your life has reached the end, perfect, people are impeccable. So, I don't want you, I smile and tell myself not to. Some year in a certain month, a cold rain knocks on the window, the days when the clouds are filled, some time a certain moment, you have been sleeping for a long time, no farewell, quietly left. So who will listen to me? Actually, I really want to cherish you and cherish every memory I have ever had. In fact, I really want to remember you, remember your tearful face, ardent words; in fact, I really love you, thin shoulders and stubborn temper; but, all this late confession Why do you want me to cry, crying, tears, crying, telling myself, I really miss you, think of pain, heartbreaking, tearing my heart, crying and telling myself, I am really strong, strong to take me Dreams, with your encouragement, go bravely; the flowers are exhausted, life is impermanent; it seems that there are two tragedies, but nothing more.The dozens of people who lived on the street, the street where the street was covered with bluestone was just in front of him, but it was such a lonely, and was left there deeply. Is the ruined wall full of bruises? ? The tight door tells you that you are forgotten when you are in a small street. It is always lively and extraordinary. After the morning rooster crows, there are people coming and going on the street, picking up, rushing, passing, holding a pole, pushing the car... and the noise that originally belonged to Xiaojie: the east of the street The old sergeant of the hoopsman began to put the wooden barrels of his home on the wire, and the rhythm sounded and the scent of tung oil Cigarettes For Sale. The uncles and uncles of several craftsmen cut the bamboo poles thin and neat, and the mats in the hall were stacked high; the saws of the carpenter��s father also sang songs, and various tools were placed outside the house. ... busy fathers keep working Online Cigarettes. The children of each family are crazy in the street of the bluestone: the stone piers in front of each house are the main battlefields. A piece of yellow mud squeezes out all kinds of things Newport Cigarettes, and a piece of wicker is cut into small sticks for fifty moments, carefully picking To pick the bowl that always has a winner to break, although it is inevitable that the adult's scolding, but in the blink of an eye is the toy of the screwdriver, the five senses, there is always a warrior from the beginning of the street to run, hoping to defeat the opponent who stood up straight; It��s a shame to rush to two or three Parliament Cigarettes, and the handcuffs are tight, and the force that is washed is also unprecedented. Laughter, shouts, cheers, and the whole street, until the doorsteps of the nights, the shouts of the adults shouted again and again, the little people in the street broke into the house and went to the New Year. I feel that the coaches of the uncles who are doing the excursions from the night are always on the bluestone slabs of the small street. On the following day, every household starts to stir-fried rice, tofu, maltose, snoring, and magnolia. Please tailor the new clothes. ...... The
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