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children shuttled through the kitchens of various households, tasted the different kinds of New Year's foods of various households Cigarettes Online, stepped on the stilts of their own homes, and steadily ran through the streets of the bluestone slabs. Bibi who is superb, play tired, and taste the new year's goods, so unsatisfactory and happy. In the New Year, every household hangs red cloth and refreshments on their own beams, waiting for the Dragon Lights and the Lions to show their talents, climb up to take off the bride price, and will be greeted with cheers and firecrackers. The uncles and uncles on the street are not showing weakness. They will invite a group of good men who have been dancing dragon lights to take a dragon lamp and dance on the street Cigarettes For Sale. Only we can see that we are dazzled and can��t wait to grow up quickly. The Dragon Lantern Dance Dragon Dance Team danced with the Dragon Ball. The drums were much more intense and the dragon lanterns danced more joyfully. When the drums slowed down, they were so unhurried, as if they were walking, my father was the dance. The person of Dragon Ball, the old predecessor who leans against the door is the leader of the sentence. The Zhang family father and the Wu family father are next to each other. I can hardly imagine how the fathers who have been busy with their livelihood can pick up the dragon lamp and dance. It��s so wonderful, and it��s so tacit. The import and export of the old street is a small alley between the two houses. It��s also a thorn in the face. People who don��t pay attention may not know that this is a passage, or go. After this passage, I really stepped into the old street. Today, the small street is so quiet. I barely see people walking through a street. (Occasionally I saw a pair of young people riding a bicycle, but they walked across a narrow alley. Not living in a small street), the houses on both sides are still standing like this, some are mottled, some are bare flat, and some still retain their original appearance, writing the footprints of the times, no matter The door made by the fir, or the blue brick gray tile, or the large and small wide and narrow slabs to do the threshold and the different door locks, are telling the story of a family, a family leaving the old street I Standing at the door of my old house, I can't go in, there is a lock on the door Newport Cigarettes Coupons, but I remember it inside. The father's eight horses are still there, and there are the clam shells that have been collected on the floor. There are pots and jars filled with hemp leaves, fried rice, and sesame in the twelfth lunar month, and the pattern that is broken into the ground on the floor with a broken bowl, and the wooden bed in the room, and the alley Small wooden windows These memories are the scenes that brought us in and out during the Qingming period before my father died. I don��t know why my father took us in that year and looked at it. I left it for nearly two decades. I only went there that year. In the Ching Ming Festival in 2010, my father opened the house of my great-grandfather. Oncoming is a very meaningful piece of cloth that walks around the wall and walks backwards. The backyard of the house used to be a good place for us to play. The boys who love martial arts play here and accept the guidance of their parents. Love The girl who kicks the scorpion is in this non-stop game, as well as playing the top, playing marbles... Now the backyard that has been fenced is silver-gray fir, and only the straight dry. I saw that the fir that my father had planted for more than ten years has exceeded the size of our imagination. When the father came back to plant dozens of trees, we did not recommend him to plant fir because it was slow and did not make money, but the father said: Take it Not for making money, just like fir. I don��t know why my father Online Cigarettes, who has been a carpenter for a lifetime, loves fir alone? The leaves outside the courtyard wall are piled up in layers, it is so quiet, it is so intact, the original leaves are lonely... The most unforgettable bluestone paved street is just intermittent, once When I was playing in my childhood memories, I saw a large slate with strange words as if it were a dream. It��s gone in the winter, and the sound of the slate rises and falls when the carriage passes. No, the rare stubborn bluestone left behind can not be separated from the old street. The winter in the old street is such a lonely and deserted, even if the sun is shining, it does not weaken her desolate, like the beautiful old age. Fortunately, fortunately, the spring wind blows here, and the bird brings the seeds of the plant here, and the tree reopens the green branch in the spring and is the year of the Qingming season. Once again, I walked on this crooked bluestone board and gave my heart a comfort. I finally saw green covered with walls... But who knows how long this disastrous old street can last? Where will it go from here

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