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se me revenge. He didn't expect that the opportunity came so fast in the first game. The opponent, Longyang No. 1 Middle School team Yuchen, prepared for the fiasco. The corner of his mouth brought a sneer, he put on the 23rd. The robes, stepping into the stadium spotlights hit him on the side, it was particularly glaring, he raised his hand and blocked his eyes, this is the feeling of being in the spotlight, the heavy footsteps came from the ear, a black The shadow appeared on the floor next to him. "Is it you? "The voice of Yu Chen was amazed by the ear. "Yes, it is me," he said faintly. "I didn't expect it." "I admit that the Avengers are very good at food, but they are not stupid," Yuchen replied disdainfully. "I actually recruited, what are you relying on?" You will know when you wait. He didn't look back and went to the other side of the court. After ten minutes, the game started, the ball was thrown up from the referee's hand and slowly rose. To start! He clenched his fist. Everyone in the training of time was abnormal. The ability to be impressed, he alone took on all the offensive tasks of the team. He easily controlled the ball halfway, defending his players, is Yuchen "I would like to see what you can do. "Yu Chen sneered and said that he did not answer, calmly control the ball, his eyes seem to be somewhat confusing. Is it just a bluff? Yuchen��s heart is happy, the whole person is rushing forward. If so, let me tell you what is the ability. The corner of the mouth brought a smile, and the whole person seemed to lean toward the right side. It was like a lightning flashing Yuchen so fast! Yuchen was shocked. Could it be that this kid had retained strength before? However, Longyang��s inside is not his If you rush in, you can "block him" as you like! Yuchen shouted, the two team members immediately rushed to the restricted area, and then sandwiched him from the left and right sides. Yuchen saw an incredible scene after he passed Yuchen. He even stepped into the restricted area. On the face of the two players defending him, suddenly decelerate, leaping high, hurriedly jumped in the air and crossed a perfect parabola, hollow into the basket.
Yu Chen can't help but feel a bit fascinated. This is still the rookie who didn't even shoot at the fixed point. Just now he jumped up and the call of the high teammate pulled Yuchen back to reality, just luck! Yu Chen told himself that he was kneeling outside the three-point line and staring at him in front of him. Yu Chen sneered and said: "Don't think that this can represent anything, it is not enough!" That is enough! He said softly, and then, Yu Chen found that the ball in his hand was missing. How could this be possible! Yu Chen hurriedly turned and frantically chased Yu Chen. He slammed everyone behind him in the same gust, at the free throw. On the line, one foot jumped, and once again, the free throw line dunk that made countless people stunned and boiled. The dunk, what a metamorphosis of the bounce force "Jordan!" The audience did not know who shouted. Then instantly became the resonance of the whole audience <a href=""></a>. In everyone's mind, I can do such a perfect buckle, and only Jordan! Yuchen feels a little soft, so the speed and the jumping power of this metamorphosis, this kid is still a person. ?? However, if he is strong, he is only a person. Can he work alone for five people? He can't lose to me to prevent the kid! He is just a person, what is terrible!" Yu Chen roared, tight Tightly followed by him, and his face, only a faint sneer, although the Avengers�� defensive ruin is not good, but his offense is really terrible. When he once again controlled the ball to Yuchen, When Yuchen jumped in front of Yuchen, Yuchen also tried his best to jump up <a href="">Newport Cigarettes</a>. He was 500px higher than him. This ball can definitely cover Yuchen again and again. After a few seconds, Yuchen began to fall in the air. And he, like a rocket, is still rising, reaching the incredible height and throwing the ball.
This guy, how the stagnation is as abnormal as Jordan, but the idea of ??not admitting still dominates Yuchen��s brain. What about Jordan, isn��t he still losing more than 300 games? Don't want to win Lin Yi's layup by the center. The teammates passed the whole game to Yuchen's hands. There is no one in the penalty area. The chance is that you will only dunk! Yu Chen rushed to the basket at full speed, and at this moment a dunk can best restore morale! His mouth has already brought a successful smile.
Suddenly there was a whistling sound from the ear. A black shadow approached Yuchen from behind. Like a hungry eagle, Yuchen ignored it and raised the ball and slammed it down! The hand descended from the sky, and the ball was pressed from the side to the backboard! Yuchen, who was directly hit by him, lost his balance and almost fell to the ground. What did you do in this way? Yuchen sat on the ground in the Tang Dynasty, changing his attitude, metamorphosis, and abnormal stagnation. This guy is a perverted metamorphosis! Yuchen sighed and secretly regretted how he refused to put the boy into the team, and then dragged his footsteps to the skill of the original, and he was drenched with exquisiteness. The "Jordan, MVP" shouts resounded through the stadium. He smiled and raised his hands and enjoyed the spotlight. It turned out that victory was the result of his leadership. The original Avengers of the Avengers passed through the finals and made countless fans crazy. What's even more incredible is that he hasn't changed his comments on him yet. He is no longer saying that he is like Jordan, but that he is the next Jordan. On this day, he stood in the finals. Challenged last year's champion, the Dragon Cavaliers Dragon Knights wanted to defend, and they also had a genius two genius match, also known as the next Jordan, the biggest point of the game, the two madly scored , blocking the opponent again and again, dunking the basket again and again, the two have completely killed the eye dragon Knight team is not the champion team, the whole team is not a weak, the scores of the two teams have always been Can not hold until the last five seconds before the final game, the Dragon Knight foul, the Avengers ball, the opponents all the way according to the plan, Lin Yi's pass accurately passed to his hands, the dragon knight's genius immediately catch up However, he found himself caught in four people. At the same time, he leaped high in the field and lifted the ball over his head! The genius thought desperately, and at this moment, he suddenly felt a weakness, the original vast basket seemed to disappear, and the ball in his hand seemed to stop breathing. This stadium seems to be out of the way with him, in the crowd. Looking at it, the basket came out, and the final whistle sounded the silence of the whole scene. He stood up from the ground and stood up on the basketball stand. He felt a sore whole body. Just cut it, it was just a dream. Why is it so real? The pickpocket, but strangely found in his hand, there is a faint 23, he incredibly put his hand in front of his eyes <a href="">Parliament Cigarettes</a>, and found that there is a circle of fine English letters Efforts of genius on the 23 side (effort to achieve genius The red light flashed, the handwriting in the hand slowly disappeared, disappeared and he smiled a little, picked up the basketball on the ground, and walked to the stadium. The bright morning light lit up from the horizon, and the ball once again threw the dream.<br/>Related articles:<br/> <a href="">Newport Cigarettes</a>
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