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23.08.2019 09:56
Taoyuan is dee Antworten

Taoyuan is deep. Spread your palms, the sun is thin, just like your past attachments. The splendid decoration of the ten-foot red dust, the thousands of hibiscus weaving the Hua-shang Marlboro Red, the clothes swaying, the look of the place in the original place, forgetting the rotation, who is dreaming of tears, leaving a glimpse of the mind, no one can sue, no one Can you complain? Taoyuan is deep. Inadvertently buried in the foreshadowing, put yourself into the abyss before you can cringe, can cringe? I want to escape and I can't escape. Only in the dust mites, looking for a bodhi, sitting under it, there is no extravagant thoughts, there is no extravagant thoughts, only to seek a sleepy dream, three thousand troubles, forgotten. A dream millennium, where is the source of Taoyuan? The courtyard is deeply locked, the rock is long and silent, the Fu River is green, the Jinjiang is green, and the porcelain blue gauze is wrapped in a different kind. In the dance, I pinned some obscenities and just wanted to be confused. Taoyuan is deep, if you don't wake up, how good it is.��the poetry of the poetry, but the wind and the rain, the infiltration of tired smile, there are falling English moss, accompanying only the shadow of the body, there are birds crying, when the glimpse is not Forget me to wake up Taoyuan deeply. Who is voicing and drinking, revisiting the joyful land, looking for a singular drink, seeking the righteous voice, and selling the same feelings of love, Nanxia Wuyue, sleepwalking Tianzhu, Qi Xuan rewarding Hongzhi, stepping on the skirt of the predecessors, learning him Liquor Linjiang, Yokohama poetry, strong and fierce? Who wants to toast to invite the moon to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the daisy, and low and low sighs the love of the ostrich, the thought of the pond fish, concealing a thousand things, a mouth and a pen will shed the secret of the bottom of my heart. If you forget it, it��s so easy. In the same year, Zhuge Liang met in the middle of the Qing Dynasty. The Qing tea was Feng Jun, and he turned to cover the firewood. He closed his door and slept, and he ignored his troubles and sincerely pleaded. Why should he go out of the mountain and recover the Han room? If it is so easy to forget, the sinister class of the Sangong Palace must be bitten in the silver teeth of Changxin Palace, tears tears and tears, and finally the autumn fan sees the source of the Taoyuan deep. What you can't escape is not the sound around you, not the gains and losses, not the unclear relationship, but your own stubbornness. Deep Taoyuan, deep courtyard, deep house, deep bed, can not hide the deep attachment. Chasing a idiot to chase Taoyuan, when he will get up and leave, he will look back, the mirror will be weak, the silver will win the snow, and everything will be scattered, but a long dream. So I began to repent deeply: who was the first to become a slang, and was willing to live a faint life, so he was deeply indulged in Taoyuan Marlboro Cigarettes, deep in the Taoyuan, really plain, faint and faint in Taoyuan Newport Cigarettes, Taoyuan deep Deep, dream, it is time to wake up.
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