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Someone else is selling cotton candy at the entrance of the experimental primary school. When I was a few tens of meters from the experimental primary school, I saw a few primary school students eating cotton candy with relish. Hey, this is the first time I saw such a scene? I think it should be N+1 times? As for the N, I can't remember it. Since I talked to my good friends about cotton candy some time ago, my soul has been hooked up by the abominable and cute marshmallow. Oh, my poor soul is even worse. I have no chance with marshmallows anymore. Hey, just blame my damn identity - call me a middle school student, and going to middle school means that I can no longer deal with my dear marshmallow. But God always likes to tease people! There is a stall selling cotton candy at the entrance of the experimental primary school Marlboro Cigarettes. This means that I will have to endure the pain of wanting to eat Marlboro Gold. How much I loved cotton candy when I was young. I remember the first time I stepped out of the gate of the kindergarten, I saw that other children were squatting with a cotton-like thing. I was greedy, I immediately took my mother to the stall, and the aunt who sold the marshmallow put a spoonful of sugar into the middle of the stuffing machine, and the machine began to turn. The era of me and marshmallow began. After a while, I took the bulky marshmallow, and a fresh smell of sucrose slid into my nose. I learned the appearance of other children and licked my tongue. At that moment, there was a kind of milky sweetness that melted in the tongue. With the esophagus, slowly spread. I bite greedily, but glued the marshmallow to my face. Perhaps, since then, I have had a close relationship with cotton candy Cigarettes For Sale. "Old class." A cry called me back from memory to reality. Oh, it turned out to be text. I didn't care, and my eyes stared at the stalls. I can��t wait to go straight to the stall and say to the owner: ��I want a marshmallow! Unfortunately, it��s just a Lenovo, an impulsive association. I can��t imagine the strangeness of others when taking cotton candy from the stall owner. Eyes. The eyes that made me horrified let me dispel this thought. I don't want others to think that I am a childish person. "Old class, do you like cotton candy?" "Like." I replied cautiously, for fear that I would be known for this shocking secret. I am also saying, "The original text also likes marshmallows. I don't think there are people like me who love cotton candy. I feel a little warm. A bold thought breeds in my heart. "Would we like to buy cotton? Sugar. "We almost said this sentence for a long time. We both both smiled embarrassedly. Soon, I took a marshmallow from the boss. I still learn how to look at the cotton candy when I was young." Suddenly, a long-lost sugar smell spread and spread in my mouth... Perhaps, we poked the film for others. The stall quickly attracted more middle school students to patronize. "Boss, I want a marshmallow! "A group of middle school students have the same voice. It turns out that our cotton candy era is still going on.
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