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When the distance can only be summed up by numbers, the distance may lose its true meaning. But I don't know, how far apart we are at that moment, maybe one meter of sunshine, maybe two meters of water, or just a turning distance. Your arrival has ended my days of monopolizing a table Marlboro Lights, and it has ended the history that my monopoly has always been the leader, so I hate you! The clear lines of the eighty-eight lines on the desk declare that I am not in line with your situation. Your thick glasses, the ugly little scorpion, and the face that smiles at everyone, all of this is the distance that you and I can't get rid of. I don't allow you to cross the border. You are not allowed to pass things from me. You are not allowed to enter from behind me. You are not allowed to open windows Parliament Cigarettes. You are not allowed to ask me questions endlessly. Why do you study so well, always ask me, in short, everything is not allowed, because I hate you, who makes you threaten my normal position. However, I am so sorry for you Cigarettes For Sale, I am not worried about you, why do you not smile, but endlessly smile at me? I hate you, your smile is ugly, and you are in the same class as your little sister. You want to say that I am the role model for you to study? Have you forgotten my intentional martyrdom? Why do you always say that I am helping you a lot in my studies? Why can't I remember, only the blame left in my memory. You said that I am the best friend with you? Inexplicable, how can I be friends with you? Don't you know how I hate you! It is really unbearable for you to study and breathe at such a close distance from me. I always want to let you disappear immediately. Unexpectedly, after this class meeting, you really disappeared. You went to the United States. I am happy to embrace the desk, and from now on, he will re-enter my personality. I am in the place where the sun rises, where you are at sunset. This distance really makes me happy. However, whenever you see that there is a half of the space, the heartbeat will always slow down. Why do my classmates always ask questions when they ask me questions? Why are you always filled with thick glasses and ugly little dice in the late-night diary? Why are your smiles always in the dark clouds? I float in front of my eyes. Why did so many tell me that there is more distance between us and more miss! When I was together, the distance was near, but I wanted to stretch infinitely; when I was separated, the distance was far, but I wanted to draw it infinitely. At this point, I found out that I was stupid. When you left, I found out that you are good. The little nephew in memory is the best, and your smile is the most brilliant. When I called the phone, the voice came from the far side of the Atlantic Ocean. I talked with you about the past, the face you made with ink, the bunch of flowers on your ugly little squat, and my one was soaked in sleep. Wet paper EEE Finally, I apologize to you. You ask me how far our distance is now, I gently told you the distance of a Pacific Ocean. You said, no, when our heart and heart are connected, the distance is
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