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24.10.2019 08:20
sings in the south o Antworten

The autumn wind is getting warmer and warmer. My world has a kind of sorrow and desolateness. The nameless frustration and embarrassment are born inexplicably and cannot be dismissed. Bored in the middle of the day, I got up and walked into the unusually familiar tree-lined path, trying to find a long-lost feeling to comfort the lost soul. Inadvertently, I witnessed a life course in which the yellow leaves fell off the branches Parliament Cigarettes. Against the backdrop of the afterglow of the sun, with the autumn wind dancing, with the reluctance of the branches, slowly fell to the bottom of the tree. At the moment of its fall, I clearly saw the last affectionate look of it, full of attachment, but no regrets. The final recollection of this life is to explain to me the sublimity and preciousness of life. I was deeply shocked, and the lonely heart rose out of a long-lost devout touch of hustle and bustle, smashing the dust, fame and fortune, doing unnecessary work all day long. Innocent to pay attention to ordinary life, ignore the desire of emotions, become dull and numb, and even forget the feelings of moving. As a result, many of the scenery in life were missed. Now, the yellow leaves that drifted with the wind, finally swayed the dusty long-lasting moving strings without warning. I quietly stared at the setting sun across the wilderness and burned the last life into the sky. Danxia, ??rendering the heavens and the earth into a warm sentiment. On the background of this Danzhu paint Newport Cigarettes, the lonely geese of Nangui decided to soar, and the whole world was full of warmth. At this moment, I can't read the slightest sadness. I just have the first sunshine that touches the window and the sun shining through the grass, the crystal morning dew hanging on the grass tip, and the arrogant drinking The autumn scorpion, the young pine that stands tall and peak, every time, they can make me have a sincere reverence for life, and endlessly moved. Ordinary and unyielding, sheatening figure, I saw another impression of the frost spots. In addition to the continuation of life, the unselfish family is more touching. Su Dongpo, who has swayed the bamboo poles in front of the eyes, laughs and sees the clouds in the misty rains of the river; Lin Hejing of Mei��s wife, Jingjing, observes in the mountain forest Crane dance; Tao Yuanming, who picks the chrysanthemum, and sings in the south of the clear stream; Bai Letian, who has a tearful green shirt, adds a feast to the dark light of the Lijiang River. Or Tsing, or indifferent, or high, or grievances, all show the dignity of life and the supremacy of personality to the world. I have another touched star with an infinite nostalgia for life, breaking through the dark night sky with a magnificent life trajectory, so that the ordinary journey was extremely smashed at the last moment. I was completely touched by this unexpected. And the falling yellow leaves. It is a testimony to every ordinary and beautiful scenery in life, which makes me realize the greatness and dignity of life, and let me relive my feelings.
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