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After the rainstorm, the warm sun shines on the earth. Stretching out his right hand, he was wide open to the sun, and the golden light passed through the fingers. With a squint, the sun became warm and poetic. After eating a delicious breakfast, my parents had something to go out. Liberation! They had just left, and my brother and I occupied the TV and the computer respectively. Time flies away in a crazy play, and at 11:30, I think that I should have lunch Where can I come for lunch? Go out to eat? Touching the pocket, both of them have no money! Oh, it seems that I have to solve it myself.
This can be difficult for me. I only watched their cooking at the parents' side, and I have never touched it. It��s okay to cut vegetables, this stir-fry... This is really a big challenge. The sun is getting stronger and stronger. I opened the refrigerator and took two cucumbers and a spinach at random, and picked up a few red peppers. Wash them all, cut off the skin of the cucumber, cut into pieces, cut the spinach into sections, and cut the red pepper into circles. It took me a lot of time to cut the vegetables. I can overflow a lot of sweat on my forehead. I will open the range hood first, then put the pot on the gas stove, turn on the gas, unscrew the fire brake, wait for the pot to heat up, pour the oil into the pot, I am careful, slowly Down, for fear of falling too much. After a while, I put the sliced ??pepper into the pot first, and the oil splashed out of the pot. I couldn't do it and it was hot. So I dare not use a spatula to stir fry in the pot. For a while, I saw that the peppers were slightly burnt and black, and I immediately poured the spinach Wholesale Cigarettes. This is good, the large area of ??the fluffy hollow vegetables covered the oil, no longer spilling, I just took the courage to stir fry. When the water spinach becomes greener, add half a spoonful of salt, stir fry for a while, and there is a scent overflow. Add half a spoonful of MSG and stir it a few times in the pot. I think, you should be done. Pick up the chopsticks and take a bite, huh? Why is there no smell? It seems that the salt is less. So I hurriedly added a little salt, stir fry a few times, and turned off the fire. I thought: No matter what, just like this, can you eat it, then the cucumber is still fried, the steps are the same, just stir the pepper, I will give myself a courage, the body is far apart, stretch Long arm went to the pot and turned a few times, two people, two dishes, it should be enough Marlboro Red. This challenge is a success! Although not particularly delicious, I tried my best. A warm wind outside the window made me a lot easier. Wiping off the sweat on our heads, we will experience many "firsts" on our way to growth, but each one is a challenge for us. As long as you can courageously try to defeat it, the experience of the future can be as simple as many challenges on the road to growth. Every challenge is a process that we affirm ourselves. Only after the challenge can you surpass yourself and laugh at the light wind
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