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Chiefs linebacker Dee Ford may have picked the wrong time to line up offside Cameron Erving Jersey , but he picked the right year to rack up 13 sacks. Ford now heads to free agency, unless the Chiefs opt to hold him in place via the franchise tag.“That’s out of my control,” Ford said, via “If it happens, it happens, and I don’t mind it.”He should mind it. Pass rushers have significant value in the NFL, and players maximize their value only by hitting the open market. While the franchise tag will entail great money (likely more than $15 million if tagged as a linebacker with the possibility of arguing that he’s entitled to the significantly higher defensive end tender), a first-day-of-free-agency contract for a high-level player at a high-value position becomes a multi-generational proposition.Ford also said that his first preference would be to stay put with the Chiefs.“That’s the option,” Ford said. “Of course, that’s home to me. I love the community and I’m just used to that environment , so I’ll be blessed to be able to stay. We’ll cross that bridge once when we get there.”Before they get there, Ford will have to make it healthy through the Pro Bowl, which entails a paltry payday in comparison to what he’ll make on his next deal. If Ford emerges healthy from a game that doesn’t count, he’ll be counting lots of dollars soon — the only question is whether he gets more than $15 million guaranteed on a one-year deal or perhaps more than $50 million fully guaranteed on a multi-year contract with the Chiefs or someone else.A long-term deal with the Chiefs may be difficult to pull off, given the raw number of talented young players whom the Chiefs will be signing now and in the future. Unless the Chiefs will be clearing out a large chunk of veteran players, it won’t be easy to keep Ford, to extend Tyreek Hill and/or Chris Jones, and to plan for the mammoth contract that eventually will be paid to Patrick Mahomes. Chiefs fans have plenty of reasons to be disappointed with the loss to the Tennessee Titans, but here’s another that you can add to the pile — on Sunday, offensive lineman Mitchell Schwartz missed a snap for the first time in his career. “It sucks Womens Chris Jones Jersey ,” the Chiefs’ right tackle said after the game. “It was seven and a half years running. It’s a pretty cool thing. Now I’m just normal like everybody else. It is what it is.”Schwartz went down with an injury in the second quarter that forced him to leave the field. He returned in the third quarter to finish the game, but by then, a few snaps had already been played without him. Schwartz did everything he could to keep the streak alive, like when he asked to play in Patrick Mahomes‘ first game as a Chief, even though the Chiefs had secured their playoff spot and the other starters were resting. While it might have been possible for Schwartz to take the field after his injury to maintain the streak, he said he felt the risk was too great.“I think we were in a not so good down-and-distance, and I didn’t want to go out there just for pride’s sake, and all of the sudden my guy turns the corner and runs into Pat. Now Pat’s hurt, so that’s not something that I’d be stupid enough to do.”For seven and a half years and 7,894 snaps Mitchell Schwartz Jersey , Schwartz was the epitome of consistency in the NFL, never missing a single snap since he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 2012. It was the longest active streak of its kind in the NFL, and though snap streaks aren’t officially recorded by the league, they are still extremely impressive, as explained by Mitch’s brother, Geoff.During a season in which injury has caused a lot of uncertainty for the Chiefs’ offensive line, Schwartz has been one of the few things the Chiefs have been able to count on. And that is one positive to come out of Sunday.

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