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Listen, the firecrackers sounded. Today is a small year in traditional festivals. I help grandma make dumplings at home. It was originally two pots. I wrapped one pot, and two of them were wrapped by grandpa. The second pot was wrapped with grandma. Grandma boasted that I was really capable. Part Two: Passing the New Year [100 words] Today is the 23rd day of the lunar month. Grandpa and grandma said to me: The 23rd month of the lunar month is a small year, and every household is cleaning Parliament Cigarettes. Got up. Sweeping the house, cleaning the lamp, cleaning the glass, cleaning the table, and mopping the floor, it took half a day to clean the house, although I was a bit tired, but I am very happy today. Part Three: Passing the New Year [100 words] Today is February 3, which is also a small year. There is still a custom in the countryside today that I want to worship the stove lord today, so my dad and I will go to the Yipin Life Supermarket to buy something and give the stove a fire. Grandpa eats. The things we buy are: biscuits, pastries, shaqima, crystal cakes. For sure, there are many students who do n��t know this custom. After I tell you, you should understand it! Chapter 4: Passing the New Year [100 words] Today is the 24th day of the twelfth lunar month, which is what we commonly call the New Year. Grandma came to our house for Chinese New Year, and I was very happy. In the past years, every family had to set off firecrackers to celebrate before eating, but this year for the blue sky, for the white clouds, and for a better environment, our family did not set off firecrackers. Afterwards, the table was filled with delicious food, and it seemed that I was drooling. I picked up the chopsticks and started to eat. After a while, I ate it well, and beat a loud burp, which made the whole family face Shangyang overflowed with a happy smile, and finally Newport Cigarettes, I laughed with it Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Chapter 5: Passing the New Year [100 words] Passing the New Year on February 11th of the lunar calendar, I know the customs of the New Year. I can eat dumplings, dust, burn paper money on the evening of the new year. Those paper money are 50, 10,000, And the one million dollar is not a paper money. It ��s a piece of squared paper. Grandpa writes the paper money on the address and name. Grandpa said: My parents collected money and I followed. My grandfather and grandma received money. Like to have a happy new year.
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