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17.04.2020 03:17
Last week because I Antworten

Last week because I went out to study, I didn't have a chance to go home. I have to go home this weekend. My sister heard that I was going home and promised to go home to see my mother treat me back home. My sister and mother are already choosing leeks to prepare dumplings. After choosing leeks, Niang told me that she also made noodles and prepared buns. Going home with Niang, and seeing the big face that Niang moved out Parliament Cigarettes, I know that Niang is busy for the children again, and wants to have a copy for each family. Niang knows that I will go home on the weekend. Yesterday I dug wild vegetables. Today I wrap wild vegetables. My sister adjusted the stuffing, and my mother and I prepared noodles Marlboro Cigarettes. Looking at that big piece of noodles, I said I would do it, but the mother didn't agree. In my mother's eyes, I am still the child in need of care and still do not believe that I can do well. Knead the dough, wake up, and wait for my sister to adjust the stuffing, we will let the mother rest, we will do it. Watching Niang, cooking; Niang watching us, we watching Niang, spending ordinary time in each other's watch. And these will become the warm sun after the separation. Niang told us: "She's doing well, don't worry about her, just make a phone call every day Newport Cigarettes Coupons." Niang's contentment is worth learning. But from the occasional words of the mother, I know that when people are old, they want their children to be around their knees. But when the longing is not satisfied, it is only necessary to retreat. We as juniors, less excuses for ourselves, more home to see, this is a shortcut to each other's warmth. Busy hands, do not forget to chat. Talking and making, the meal is almost ready. My mother asked me to call my sisters and come to dinner at noon. A whole family sat together, busy with the morning of the mother, but did not move chopsticks, she only looked at us cheerfully to eat. And she said that she was not hungry. In fact, every time she was worried about not having enough food, she ate at last. The brand of the times will not change with time. The mother came from a hard time. Although life is now very good, but the dedication as a mother has not diminished at all. The sun goddess who has been warming everyone in the sky is the best university. Here, I have a way of life that I will never learn. Because there is a mother, the home becomes our eternal spiritual back garden, and every child lives comfortably in it, holding the mother's clothes and walking happily together.
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