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Cleaning method of dust in vacuum negative pressure station Antworten

Cleaning method of dust in vacuum negative pressure station

Vacuum negative pressure station is mainly used in chemical, petrochemical, light industry, pharmaceutical, papermaking, metallurgy and other occupations. Because of the particularity of the working environment, vacuum negative pressure station is easy to scale, which makes many companies helpless.

In addition to preventing scaling of vacuum negative pressure station, cleaning is required for vacuum negative pressure station with severe circumstances. Detailed operation methods are as follows:

1. In case of severe scaling, it is necessary to dismantle and remove the scale. The key point is to remove the scale on the impeller and distribution plate (or distributor). Pay attention to adjust the axial clearance when assembling from the beginning.

2. If you don't want to dismantle the vacuum negative pressure station, you can use oxalic acid solution or hydrochloric acid to soak in the pump, and then wash the pump body with clean water after soaking. Pay attention to the concentration and soaking time when using hydrochloric acid to avoid damaging the pump body.

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