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Working principle of centrifugal pump Antworten

Working principle of centrifugal pump

The working principle of centrifugal pump is: relying on the high-speed rotating impeller, the liquid obtains energy under the action of inertial centrifugal force to improve the pressure. Before the pump works, the pump body and water inlet pipe must be full of water to prevent cavitation. When the impeller rotates rapidly, the blade impels the water to rotate quickly. The rotating water flies away from the impeller under the action of centrifugal force. After the water in the pump is thrown out, the central part of the impeller forms a vacuum area. Under the action of atmospheric pressure (or water pressure), the water from the water source is pressed into the water inlet pipe through the pipe network. In this way, continuous pumping can be realized.

It is worth mentioning here: before starting the centrifugal pump, the pump shell must be filled with water before starting, otherwise the pump body will be heated, vibrated, the water output will be reduced, and the pump will be damaged (referred to as "cavitation") and cause equipment accident! The so-called cavitation refers to: when the centrifugal pump starts, if there is air in the pump, because the density of the air is very low, the centrifugal force generated after rotation is very small, so the low pressure formed in the center of the impeller is not enough to suck the liquid level lower than the inlet of the pump into the pump and can not transport the fluid。

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