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How to drain oil from liquid ring vacuum pump Antworten

How to drain oil from liquid ring vacuum pump

Do you all know how to drain oil from liquid ring vacuum pump? Let's learn more today!

1. If you want to drain all the oil in the case of liquid ring vacuum pump, you can screw off the oil drain plug at the bottom of the box to drain the oil.

2. When the liquid ring vacuum pump is discharging oil, the height between the liquid level and the top plate of the oil tank shall not be more than 30mm, so as to ensure the lubrication and cooling of the bearings in the pump. When the volume of the jack working chamber is too large, another oil tank shall be set up to ensure that the minimum height of the liquid level after the external oil discharge is not less than 100 mm, so as to avoid being sucked out.

3. After the first 500 h operation of speed regulating hydraulic Siemens liquid ring vacuum pump, the oil tank and oil filter should be cleaned. The oil quality shall be tested by visual inspection and laboratory test. When the oil quality deteriorates, the oil shall be replaced in time. Oil tank and oil filter must be cleaned at the same time when changing oil. If there are metal chips or water in the oil, find out the cause and remove the fault.

4. In a short period of time when the liquid level drops, the bearing is lubricated by attached oil and splashing oil from plunger spring. The oil filter of oil tank and oil filter under pump are made of 230 mesh / inch copper mesh. The oil filter net should be cleaned frequently to prevent blockage. When in use, the oil temperature of oil tank should not exceed 60 ℃, and appropriate measures should be taken to cool it if necessary.

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