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22.12.2020 08:02
Usage of circulating water vacuum pump Antworten

Usage of circulating water vacuum pump

1、 Usage of vacuum pumping:

The circulating water vacuum pump is used for vacuumizing equipment such as vacuum drying oven, rotary evaporator, double glass reactor, etc., so as to reduce the air pressure in the experimental equipment, so that the tested samples can quickly evaporate at a lower temperature. For example, when used in a vacuum drying oven, the materials can be quickly dried at a lower temperature under the condition of high vacuum, without damaging the effective components of the sample, and No secondary pollution.

The circulating water vacuum pump is also known as the circulating water multi-purpose vacuum pump. As the name implies, in addition to vacuumizing, it should also be used for recycling. However, many units do not use the purpose other than vacuumizing when using the circulating water vacuum pump. For example, in the rotary evaporation experiment, we often use the method of connecting the suction nozzle of the vacuum pump directly to the vacuum air nozzle of the condenser for air extraction, If you feel that the pumping speed is slow, the two taps will be connected in parallel and connected to the rotary steam, which will increase the pumping speed. However, the water in the vacuum pump water tank will become hot because of the large amount of steam pumped. When the temperature rises to more than 40 ℃, the pumping efficiency will be reduced. If we look at the back of the water tank, we may notice that there are two nozzles on the top of the water tank. These two nozzles are for the purpose of To solve the problem that the water temperature in the water tank is too high, connect the water inlet of the water tank with a water pipe and put it into the pool, connect the water nozzle with the water pipe, turn on the faucet, and adjust to the appropriate flow rate, which can not only prevent the water temperature from being too high, but also reduce the radiation of corrosive gas on the circulating water vacuum pump.

2、 Multi purpose usage:

In addition to vacuum pumping and water circulation, circulating water vacuum pump has another purpose, which is to provide cooling water for condenser.

The specific operation method is as follows: connect the water inlet of the condenser of the rotary evaporator or double glass reactor to the water outlet on the back of the vacuum pump with a rubber tube, and then connect the water outlet of the condenser to the water inlet with a rubber tube. After checking that the hose is firmly connected, turn on the power switch of the circulating water vacuum pump, and then turn the knob switch on the back of the vacuum pump to a suitable position to adjust the flow, In this way, one machine can be used for many purposes.

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